Are Land Rovers Expensive to Maintain?

The biggest question when buying a Land Lover of any kind is the cost of their maintenance. And since the Land Rovers are considered to be among luxurious cars the question is in place. So are Land Rovers expensive to maintain and how much will it cost you to own one? Find out the answer to this and other questions you may have.

Are Land Rovers expensive to maintain? The simple answer is yes. Land Rover’s maintenance will cost you around $1,200 a year in the best-case scenario. If you buy an older version this price can be even higher.  

Range Rover on the street

Still, even if you decide to buy a used Land Lover you will save a lot of money compared with a new one, but will this compensate for the overall maintenance cost you will have? Keep reading and find out.

What Are the Common Problems With Land Rovers?

A Land Rover is a British car that is considered to be among the most luxurious vehicles you can buy. These cars are considered to be premium in the auto industry and among the most popular ones in the US. Their luxurious design and ability to go about anywhere make these SUVs so popular. On the other hand, like with all automobiles, there are some issues you need to consider before buying one, and if these cars are not maintained properly, they will cost you a lot. Here are the common problems with Land Rover vehicles:

  • Air suspension problems – Most of the models have this problem. Even though air suspension makes rides better, most people report that it fails over 6 to 10 years.
  • Problems with electronics – Everybody knows that impassible electronics are what makes a car great, and unfortunately, Land Rover can not brag about their electronics in the car. Most owners report head gasket failures and heater core failures.
  • Sunroof water leaks and oil leaks – It can happen that your sunroof leaks in some models of Land Rover. Also, many owners have reported common oil leaks.
  • Airbag malfunctions – This is probably the scariest malfunction one can think about when buying a car. Some cars can have misalignment of the airbag springs and steering columns which can lead to premature deployment of the bag. That, in turn, can lead to injuries and death.

How Long Do Land Rovers Last?

Let’s talk about the most famous Land Rover car – a Range Rover. If maintained properly and with good driving habits this car can last 10 to 13 years before you need to do any uneconomical repair. To be precise, Range Rovers can last 150,000 to 200,000 miles without maintenance.

Are Land Rovers Expensive to Maintain? What Is an Annual Maintenance Cost? 

On average Land Rovers, annual maintenance costs are around $1,200. Still, these costs vary depending on the model you have. Here are the most famous and most popular models and their annual maintenance costs:

  • Range Rover Evoque – This is the most budget-friendly model with a repair frequency of 0.6 times per year. The annual cost is $934 on average. 
  • Range Rover Sport – This model is middle-range cost with a repair frequency of 0.7 times per year and a cost of $1,185.
  • Discovery Sport – This model is considered to be costly for maintenance, with an average cost of $1,282. 

How Often Does a Land Rover Need Maintenance? 

As we mentioned before, if you maintain your Land Rover properly, it will probably serve you well for the price you paid. Here is when each regular maintenance needs to happen on every Land Rover and how much does it cost.

MileageService you will need to doPrice
On every 7,500 milesOil and filter change; examination of the brakes, hoses, and belts; lookup for leaks$170-$180
On every 15,000 milesTire rotation, oil change, cabin filter change, safety inspection, and potential brake change$460- $520
On every 22,000 milesrotor change, tire, and oil change$170 – $180
On every 30,000 milesTransmission and brake fluid replacement, engine coolant and replacement of spark plugs$550 – $640
On every 45,000 milesSafety inspection, tire rotation, oil change, an inspection of hoses and brakes$470- 590

Are Land Rover’s Range Rovers Considered Reliable?

Even though these all-terrain SUVs are pricey, they have proven unreliable for customers. When compared to other off-road SUVs, like Toyota 4 Runner, Land Rovers are more costly when it comes to maintenance. On the other hand, the company has released new models where all of the most common problems seem to be resolved. The most reliable models come from  2003-to 2017. Still, when comparing price and the amount of money needed for maintenance, Land Rovers will be among the more expensive cars to own.

So, are Land Rovers good cars to buy? Honestly, you can find a better car for that price and one that doesn’t need such expensive maintenance. There are plenty of SUVs excellent for the off-road drive you can now buy for a lower price that will be the same quality if not better. And even though owning a Land Rover will give you certain prestige on the road, you will need a deep pocket to maintain that luxurious appearance.