Are Volkswagens Expensive to Maintain?

Having a reliable four-wheeler with a reputation as Volkswagens have will keep you more than just safe on the road. Include also the comfort and convenience of driving smoothly. But, before making such an investment, you surely need to answer the following question: are Volkswagens expensive to maintain?  It’s a really important thing to know when you’re thinking about shopping for a car you’ll drive for years.

On average, Volkswagen’s maintenance cost will be about $670 per year. This is just a few more dollars than you’ll pay for the industry average. However, newer Volkswagen models have shown better maintenance costs in the last couple of years. 

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If you want to know more about maintenance costs you’ll be dealing with over the years together with your Volkswagen, keep reading! I’ve prepared some interesting things you should be aware of.

Are Volkswagens Expensive to Maintain and Their Prepaid Maintenance

When you’re considering buying a vehicle, know you’ll deal with so much more than just an initial price tag. You need to consider many factors, like the cost of ownership. And also, you should be aware of how much you’ll spend on the maintenance of your car, too. When it comes to Volkswagens, you should check where this brand falls and whether it’s expensive to maintain.

Although Volkswagen made some changes in 2020 – the factory warranty they provide is shortened from 6 years/72,000 miles to 4 years/50,000 miles – there will be many perks of getting this brand. For example, they started with the Carefree Maintenance program. It will practically cover the maintenance cost for 20,000 miles or two years. This is a great deal because it will reduce maintenance costs for newer models.

What’s Maintenance Cost Difference Between VWs and Other Models

If you didn’t know, there are more than 30 different car manufacturers in the US you can buy. However, when you’re searching for your new car, you surely don’t go to the entire auto market in the country. But, of course, you’re checking at least more than two brands. So, check how the maintenance costs of Volkswagen stack up against other brands and their maintenance costs.

Vehicle BrandCost

What Is Median VWs Maintenance Cost

Knowing which car tends to be the least and the most expensive to maintain is always a great way to start looking for a perfect new vehicle. According to the latest research, Volkswagen is in #22 place, costing an average of $7,800 for maintenance in the first decade of the car’s life. The research included different makes of vehicle brands, from Toyota to BMW, including oil change that is done twice a year.

How Much Will You Need for General Maintaining of VW

Almost every car brand has the same standard maintenance items. This usually includes rotating tires, changing the oil, and replacing everything that wears out regularly. In the table below, you’ll find these items and their costs for maintaining them with Volkswagen vehicles.

Maintenance ItemCost
Tire rotationFrom $58 to $74
Oil changeFrom $128 to $154
Cabin air filterFrom $64 to $108
Spark plugsFrom $184 to $252

Do You Have to Take Your VW to a Dealership for Servicing?

The good news is that you don’t have to take your vehicle to a dealership for the servicing process. And yes, even if the four-wheeler is under warranty, the maintenance won’t have to be done at the dealership you bought the car from. In fact, you won’t have to take it to any. And a good thing to know is that you can’t be legally forced if you decide to bring your car to a different dealership or lose your valid warranty.

However, don’t exclude the possibility of taking a VW vehicle to a European repair shop just because any dealership is the option. The European repair shops could do the entire repair work for less. However, make sure every oil change and repair is documented, and you have all the receipts. This could be quite handy if you ever have problems with the validity of some repairs while your car is under warranty.

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Explore the Best Place Where You Can Take Volkswagen to a Repair

If you want to save some money but still be sure all of the repairs are done professionally and correctly, you better start looking for a specialized repair shop for European vehicles. And to be 100% sure you’ve made the right decision, check out the following reasons why this is the better solution for your VW:

  • Repair shops that are independently owned could obtain the needed genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts for much less than dealerships.
  • Specialized repair shops for imported vehicles like Volkswagen will likely have more experienced mechanics at servicing than at the dealership. And you know how a trustworthy mechanic can be invaluable.
  • The service you’ll get at one of the dealerships can’t be compared to servicing at a personalized repair shop that is independently owned.

How to Keep Maintenances Low for Volkswagen?

If you’re one of many people who want to keep their maintenance costs as low as possible, you indeed have to check some of the tips on how to do it first. Luckily, you won’t have to put a lot of effort, but keep in mind these things while driving your four-wheeler:

  • Always keep up preventative maintenance – your car will surely last longer if you regularly run the oil change and other preventive steps. This will keep the engine in good shape, optimize the performance and improve airflow.
  • Choose the right and trustworthy repair shop – as I already explained, you don’t have to take your vehicle to a Volkswagen dealership even if the car is still under warranty.
  • Consider getting the extended warranty – having the contract with extended service indeed can lower the repair costs. And if you would rather be paying an annual insurance fee instead of taking your chances, know this is the best option for you and your four-wheeler.

Know How Much Will Maintenance Cost You and Enjoy Your VW

No matter if you want to do preventative maintenance such as brake service or oil change, or some serious undertaking like engine repair, you have to be financially prepared. And to do it in the best possible way, you have to get to know the general maintenance costs your VW will require.