Are Volvos Expensive to Maintain?

Volvo is a Swedish multinational manufacturer of trucks, buses, construction equipment, and the one we’re most familiar with – cars. They are typically known as reliable, evergreen four-wheelers that never disappoint but may be less known for their maintenance costs. Let’s see are Volvos expensive to maintain and how that compares to some luxury brands.

Volvo maintenance costs aren’t as bad as for some luxury manufacturers. It’s no Mercedes, Audi, or BMW, but you’ll need to take out a bit of your budget to keep the car running. The cheapest and most reliable Volvo models are the S60, C30, and XC90. If you go for one of these, you won’t have to pay more than $300 to $400 annually.

A silver Volvo XC90 parked
Volvo is a world-famous vehicle manufacturer, and they know how to make an excellent, high-value car

Are Volvos Expensive to Maintain and Repair?

Volvo used to produce cars in Sweden until they sold that branch of the company to Ford Motors in the US, which in 2010 sold the manufacturing rights to Geely, a Chinese car-making company. They’re still considered luxury cars, but their parts and components are all made in China, making them slightly cheaper than the likes of a Mercedes or Audi.

Additionally, some may consider Volvo repairs expensive because their parts are made of highly durable materials which sustain wear and tear much more gracefully than any other car in the world. This is why annual repairs and maintenance of an average Volvo might cost around $400.

Of course, getting a second-hand Volvo might cause more repairs and less insurance coverage than if you just buy a new one. However, even used Volvos are highly durable and function as well as new models; this is why investing in a Volvo would be a smart move for any new driver.

The Most Reliable and Cheap Volvo Models to Invest In

Many Volvo models and makes are popular, but if you want affordable maintenance and reliability at once, here are the models that would be the wisest to invest in.

  • S60 – the average price of S60 maintenance costs is around $300. The most necessary repairs can range anywhere from $80 to $4,500, depending on how you take care of the car and how often you go for checkups,
  • XC90 – repairs for XC90 cost between $80 and $9,000, with the average price being around $300. This car is more expensive than S60, and it’s classified as an SUV, which is generally a more popular model among Americans. Not only that but in 2017, it was voted as the safest car in the world
  • C30 – the average repair cost of the C30 is around $550. It’s cheaper than the previous two models and classified as a compact hatchback, so it’s suitable for driving in the city and for those always on the go.

How Much Does Annual Maintenance of Volvos Cost?

During ten years, your car can undergo many changes and repairs, but what shouldn’t change is how often you take it for a checkup. Think of these mandatory checks as heading to the doctor’s office for a systematic review and getting an estimate of the car’s overall health.

The average repair costs on Volvos, in general, are around $440 over a year; over ten years, you can expect to cash out around $2,500 on recommended checkups and upkeep. Specific models will cost less or more, depending on how new and damaged they are.

As you could see previously, the cheapest car to maintain is the S60, but it’s also a compact executive car. If you prefer hatchbacks or SUVs, you’ll choose between the XC90 or a C30 type and pay accordingly.

Comparison Of the Cheap and Reliable Models of the Same Range

Let’s compare the S60 and XC90, the two models whose annual maintenance costs are about the same. One is an executive car, and the other is an SUV, so their type and appearance are different, yet you’ll see that they have similar costs over one and ten-year periods.

Repair Type / CarVolvo S60Volvo XC90
Average 10-year repair cost$9,164$12,359
Annual costs$441$329
Annual insurance$1,600$1,700

An Overview of the Most Common Volvo Issues and Their Costs

The general complaint many Volvo owners have is the malfunction of the dashboard indicator lights, which tend to turn on even when there’s nothing wrong with the car. This could cause a person to panic and worry while paying for unnecessary checks.

To avoid getting tricked by the dashboard lights, check all fluid levels manually and regularly – you can learn how to do it even online.

Other common issues tend to be:

  • Oil clogs and leaks,
  • Malfunctioning AC system,
  • Headlight burnout,
  • On the S60, the power steering leaks,
  • On the XC90, transmission failure and premature tire wear.

The good news is that Volvo offers insurance coverage for some of their most common malfunctions, so however long your warranty is, you can take advantage of it and save money.

The Most Common Repairs and Checkups Should Be Done at a Specific Mileage

Here are general recommendations for Volvo check-ups according to mileage.

MileageType of Checkup
7,500 / 22,500 and every 10 to 15,000Rotate tires, battery/cable service, change oil and filters
15,000 / 45,000 / 100,000Base checks + lubricate hood hinge, trunk, and door, cabin air filter replacement, and spark plug replacement
52,000 / 105,000All checks + transmission fluid service
100,000 / 120,000All checks + drive and timing belt replacements
150,000All checks + alternator replacement

The Legendary Swedish Four-Wheeler Is a Sight for Sore Eyes and Slight Relief for the Wallet

As you can see, Volvos require maintenance as much as any other car. You should keep tabs on all the repairs and checks your car goes through over time and write down the most common checks it requires after a certain mileage. It’ll make the repairs easier and less necessary, and you’ll save money and time.

Volvos are reliable, sturdy, and incredibly safe cars for the entire family. That makes them one of the most popular brands in the world. Take care of your car the right way, and you’ll be thanking your Swedish four-wheeler for a long time.