Are Subarus Expensive to Maintain?

Subaru was founded more than half a decade ago, and each day it gains more satisfied customers in the US. High reliability and dependability combined with affordable prices make this brand interesting for many – but what are its maintenance prices? Are Subarus expensive to maintain?

No, Subarus aren’t expensive to maintain in general, but their parts do cost more than with other comparable brands. With the annual cost of around $620, their maintenance price is close to the US average. However, Subaru’s parts are considered highly durable, which is why this brand’s models don’t require a lot of maintenance in the long run.

White Subaru Impreza on the road

If you’re interested in finding out the exact numbers and learning more about the prices for different models, don’t miss reading the following review.

No, Subarus Are Not Expensive to Maintain – But They Are Not Much Affordable, Either

According to YourMechanic, the average maintenance price for Subaru vehicles over the course of ten years is $8,200. Placed at 19th position out of 30 reviewed brands, it is not considered costly nor affordable. On the other hand, Subaru drivers can expect to spend around $620 per year on services and required repairs, on average.

However, the exact price will vary depending on the condition of the vehicle and particular models. Subaru Forester, for example, is considered one of the costliest models to maintain in the long run ($12,200 per 10 years, on average), while Subaru Impreza was on the list of most affordable when it comes to maintenance (with an average cost of $7,500).

Comparing Subaru Maintenance Costs with Other Brands – Is It More or Less Expensive?

Compared to some other Asian brands, such as Toyota, Hyundai, or Honda, Subaru vehicles come costlier. However, Subarus’ repair prices don’t come near more luxurious rivals like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Audi. Remember that BMW’s annual expenses come close to $1,000, which is significantly less affordable than Subaru’s.

Features That Affect the Subarus Maintenance Costs

Costly parts are the main reason why Subauru’s not considered affordable. When the time comes for some parts to be replaced, it will come costlier than with other comparable brands.

However, the price of the components is not the only thing to think about when considering what it costs to maintain a vehicle. Indeed, Subaru’s parts don’t come cheap but keep in mind that they are highly durable and dependable, especially when talking about newer cars.

Overall, industry surveys find Subarus safe and reliable, which must also be noted when considering the maintenance costs. Therefore, remember that a Subaru owner visits repair shops 0.3 times per year on average, with around a 13% chance the vehicle will need a severe and costly repair (according to RepairPal).

Sure, Subaru does have some pretty expensive parts, but they don’t need repair quite that often.

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Are Subarus Worth the Cost?

With highly durable engines, roomy and luxurious interiors, modern technology, and great visibility, this brand can be a good choice for those who look for dependable and comfortable vehicles for affordable prices.

Moreover, remember that Subarus generally have low depreciation, which means they keep a lot of its initial value over time. Possibly costlier maintenance doesn’t measure what you can gain by purchasing this brand.

What Does It Cost to Maintain Some Most Popular Subaru Cars?

As with all of the brands, there is no unique maintenance price for all cars – even the same models can have different costs depending on their manufacturing year. However, take a look at average annual prices and common issues that occurs within some of the best-selling models:

ModelAverage annual maintenance costsMost needed services
Subaru Outback$600– Replacing air filter
– CV Axle Assembly Replacement
– Brake Light Switch Replacement
Subaru Forester$630– Brake Caliper Replacement
– CV Axle Assembly Replacement
– Brake Discs Replacement
Subaru Impreza$650– AC Compressor Replacement
– Brake Caliper Replacement
– CV Axle Assembly Replacement
Subaru WRX$680– AC Compressor Replacement
– CV Axle Assembly Replacement
– Brake Pad Replacement

Subaru’s Warranty Can Help You Deal with the Common or Costly Repairs

For those who don’t like the unpredictability factor, Subaru’s warranty can ease your mind. Here is the usual policy with every new Subaru purchase:

  • Basic warranty (3 years / 36,000 miles) – covers almost all of the car’s components, as well as wear-and-tear issues, such as those that occur with brake pads,
  • Powertrain limited warranty (5 years / 60,000) – covers powertrain features,
  • Rust perforation limited warranty (5 years / unlimited miles) – coverage against all types of rust damage that may occur on the body of the car,
  • Seatbelt warranty (lifetime).

It would be best to consider a certified pre-owned Subaru if you’re looking to buy a used vehicle. These cars usually come with a powertrain warranty which will save you from all the high costs concerning engine, transaxle, transmission, and the like, for the length of 7 years of 100,000 miles.

Of course, if you want even stronger protection, you can opt to add a third-party extended warranty on top of your factory one – just make sure to compare them beforehand.

Silver Subaru on a dirt road in between trees

Are Subarus Expensive to Maintain – The Conclusion

Subarus can be both costly and inexpensive to maintain – it usually depends on different car models. That is why it’s crucial you do your research right. Get informed about real-life owner experience with cars that have caught your eye, visit online forums, and speak to trusted mechanics to find the best fit for yourself. And after you decide which model fits your wishes and possibilities the most, enjoy a genuinely smooth ride within this sporty but comfortable car.