Are Jeeps Expensive to Maintain?

When you think about a hardy car that can take you anywhere in all weather conditions, a Jeep is what comes to mind. But are jeeps expensive to maintain?

So, are Jeeps expensive to maintain? In truth, they are not, contrary to the common misconception about these cars. The average cost of servicing a Wrangler Jeep is around $650, compared to the national average of $630. It means that for an affordable annual price for servicing, you’ll get a vehicle that is suitable for rugged terrains and trails.

A large SUV on a trail

Although the sales from 2020 show that almost 60% of all revenue Jeep has made was in the Small SUV category, their Large counterparts are still high in demand. In the Large SUVs segment, their market share was almost 3%.

Are Jeeps Expensive to Maintain?

Jeeps are not at all expensive. In the large SUVs category, maintenance of a Jeep isn’t much more costly than the national average of service on vehicles. It’s exciting to know that it shouldn’t cost you more than around $650 a year to service a vehicle with high durability made out of quality components and with a four-wheel drive. Additionally, this brand has a big market for spare parts and modifications, so servicing them isn’t only affordable but also easy.

While smaller SUVs are more convenient for your everyday commutes and errands, no car can beat a Jeep when it comes to withstanding all kinds of terrain and harsh outdoor conditions. However, as with many brands, they do share their own set of problems, both mechanical and technical, which led to some recalls during the years. But still, because of the affordable maintenance prices and durability, many Americans will buy it as a vehicle to outlast others on any road.

An Overview of Models of Jeep’s Large SUVs

Although most people think of Wranglers when they think about Jeep, it is not the brand’s only model. Here’s a list of all the large SUV models this brand makes:

  • Wrangler (and Wrangler 4xe),
  • Cherokee,
  • Grand Cherokee (with an extended model named Grand Cherokee L),
  • Compass,
  • Renegade,
  • Gladiator.

The Decisive Factors That Can Influence the Cost for Wrangler or Any Other Jeep Maintenance

The average costs of servicing these large SUVs are not that higher than the national – however, these costs can rise depending on how much you push it through harsh conditions. It will take some time of owning it to notice any difference in costs. It will also remain that way if you choose to drive it around the city, on good roads, with occasional trips over some light outdoor terrain. You can also limit the costs if you are handy with at least some basic maintenance and you shop for the parts regularly.

The table below shows the average cost of maintenance per model of this brand.

Grand Cherokee$665

Let’s Take a Look at Jeep Wrangler

Let’s start with the iconic model – Wrangler. Their make is of incredibly high quality (which also stands for their spare parts,) and it’s what makes them highly durable. And since this is a car usually bought with the intention of using it in harsher conditions, ensure you are buying spare parts of better quality by doing thorough research. Additionally, find a mechanic with a lot of experience that’s also familiar with the brand and ask for advice.

Will It Be Expensive to Maintain a Grand Cherokee?

Although of similar annual costs to Wranglers, Grand Cherokee had its own set of problems throughout the years. There have been several repair issues that caused multiple recalls of the model. However, it makes up relatively inexpensive spare parts, but you should also keep in mind that the issues are not affecting every Grand Cherokee.

A white Grand Cherokee

The Disclosure of Any Potential Problems With Wranglers and Other Similar Vehicles

Besides the fact that some models have had recalls from time to time, if your Jeep is serving you well, you should be aware of any other potential issues coming your way. The first ten years of owning it usually come with regular maintenance, which costs close to average. But the probability of a major repair solely depends on the strain you put your large SUV through. The more you push it over hard terrain and harsh conditions, the more you will tear it. Ensure you go on regular checkups before you put it through challenging conditions, and learn a thing or two that will come in handy when you’re off the road.

It’s Best to Consider How Long These Vehicles Last

Both off and on the road, Jeeps can last from ten to fifteen years and offer spectacular performance. Abusing your car will have it break down more quickly, so keep in mind that no matter how much you strain it, just pay attention to regular maintenance. If you want to sell it after the ten-year mark, there are a lot of people who love to fix and restore old ones, so don’t throw your car away.

The Performance of Jeeps

While we may look at a Jeep as a sturdy car suitable for a rough environment, it is actually a vehicle that can give you smooth family rides through the city year after year. If you want to have a four-wheeler that encompasses both worlds, then it is the right choice for you. However, if you plan on using it only for roads, highways, and city rides, it may not be the most suitable vehicle for your needs. It has a slower acceleration in comparison to other cars built for the city and higher consumption of fuel. Additionally, a not-so-comfortable (although five people can fit) and noisy cabin can be another major turnoff.

You can see its off-road performance in the following video.

It May Cost You More Than Average After the Initial Ten Years

A jeep is a vehicle that can literally get you anywhere in all types of weather. But are Jeeps expensive to maintain, and are they worth maintaining?In conclusion, I’ve debunked the myth that a Jeep stands as nothing more than a money pit, but in the end, it’s up to how you use it and how you treat it in the process. And if you’ve used its outdoor potential to the max for a decade, your costs will go substantially higher. So, in the end, it will be a car worth investing in if you’re planning on driving it off-road a lot. But after you’ve spent it, find an interested repairer, don’t throw it away.