Are BMWs Expensive to Fix?

It’s no secret that BMWs are some of the most stylish and prestigious car models worldwide and some of the costliest ones, as well. While everyone knows they are expensive to buy, do you know – are BMWs expensive to fix?

Yes, BMWs are expensive to fix. In fact, many classify BMW models as the most expensive cars to repair and maintain. The average price of annual maintenance and repairs for BMW is high above the industry average. A BMW owner needs to set aside almost $1,000 for yearly services – and that is without any unpredictable repairs.

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If you want to learn the reasons behind BMW’s higher costs and how you can lower them, make sure you find out all the answers below.

Are BMW Expensive to Fix? Yes, BMWs Are the Most Expensive Cars to Fix

According to RepairPal, the average price of BMW’s maintenance and repairs is $968, more than $300 above the industry average. It’s why YourMechanic sets BMW on the top of the list of most expensive cars to maintain. According to this source, an average maintenance cost for ten years amounts to nearly $18,000! In addition, the average price of service after every 10,000 miles can go up to $400, while major service can cost even $3000.

Let’s take the BMW 328i, for example. The table below shows how much its maintenance usually costs:

ServiceLower costHighest cost
Engine filter$88$116
Spark plugs$144$295
Wheel hub assembly$235$595
Windshield wiper motor$612$679
Turbocharger assembly$2,328$2,481

Annual services are there to help you fix minor issues with your vehicle and replace worn-out parts. However, on top of annual maintenance, you also must count on the cost of additional repairs when needed, with prices that can’t be predicted.

Why Are BMW Repairs So Expensive?

Like other German automotive companies, such as Mercedez-Benz and Audi, BMW uses high-end parts. More expensive parts, naturally, cost more to repair or replace. It’s the main reason why fixing BMW costs that much.

Although modern engineering is responsible for BMW’s supreme performance, it’s also more difficult to fix, resulting in higher repair costs. Also, BMW is known to have some chronic problems that usually appear with high mileage, such as oil leaks, malfunctioning wipers, and issues with the A/C system.

Which Series Brings the Lowest Cost of Maintenance?

If you want to enjoy the luxury BMW provides but are afraid of high maintenance and repair costs, here are some series proven to have the cheapest expenses:

  • BMW X Series – $490,
  • BMW 3 Series – $688,
  • BMW 2 Series – $722,
  • BMW 330i – $748,
  • BMW 5 Series – $825,
  • BMW Z4  – $895.

Buyer’s Guide to a Proper Research

Good model research can help you avoid many repairs in the future and keep a significant amount of money in your pocket. Therefore, when looking to buy or lease a particular BMW model, make sure to find out about its reliability. You can do it by:

  • Visiting websites that award brands based on real-life owner experience,
  • Looking at online forums for additional owner experiences as well as valuable, first-hand advice,
  • Searching for blogs that research cars’ dependability,
  • Looking for advice from trustworthy mechanics – they can provide their experience on how often BMWs need repairs and which models need them the most.

Warranties Can Be a Good Solution for BMW’s Expensiveness

During the length of the manufacturer’s warranty, many repairs won’t hit your wallet. However, after that period ends, you’ll be in charge of all repairs and maintenance costs. That is unless you opt for the extended warranty, which can be provided by BMW or a third-party company. However, keep in mind that it probably won’t cover all the expenses you’ll meet down the road.

On the other hand, when insuring your vehicle, keep in mind that BMW also holds some of the highest pieces. According to The Zebra, BMWi8 and BMW 7 Series were among the top ten most expensive vehicles to insure in 2021.

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To Buy a New or Used BMW – What Is the Best Choice?

Some people opt for used BMW models since newer BMWs can have a pretty hefty price tag. However, be careful – it can be a double-edged sword! While it may be cheaper to begin with, it may not pay off in the long run. Older and used cars are more prone to breaking. Still, with BMW, you’ll need to pay a lot more for those repairs than with some other pre-owned vehicles.

If you’re looking for a more affordable solution, leasing instead of owning can be a good choice. On the other hand, if you wish to own a BMW but don’t want to pay its total price, look for desired BMW models that are certified pre-owned.

BMW Ultimate Care Provides Safety for Original Owners

BMW ultimate care can cover all the maintenance costs free of charge, but only if you’re the original owner. It lasts 3-4 years, depending on the model years and miles passed. Everything that needs to be replaced at first by their services (approximately) will be covered with this warranty, from engine filter and brake fluid to cabin microfilters and spark plugs.

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If You Love Driving a BMW, Look For a Way to Lower Its Maintenance and Repair Costs

BMWs are exceptionally made vehicles, one step ahead of many other car manufacturers. However, keeping it in excellent condition usually costs a pretty penny. In order to minimize your future expenses, ensure you look for models that are proven more reliable and consider purchasing an additional warranty after the original one terminates.