Are Mercedes Expensive to Maintain?

Mercedes cars are the epitome of luxury and class. It’s likely that no matter what model and make you choose for yourself, you’ll turn heads while driving it. But, does all that luxury come with a high cost, and are Mercedes expensive to maintain? You can read more about common repairs and issues of Mercedes cars here.

The truth is, Mercedes maintenance costs are pretty high. According to surveys, the only car more expensive to take care of is the BMW, and their upkeep fees come pretty close. Whether it’s an old or a brand new model, the parts are all manufactured abroad, so the price typically includes the costs of importing.

A white convertible Mercedes on a parking lot
Mercedes is a synonym for luxury and class, but also for expensive maintenance fees

Investing in a Mercedes may be a costly adventure, but you can still do it if you’re determined. This article might help you decide whether to buy one or not.

Are Mercedes Expensive to Maintain Even if They’re Older Models?

Mercedes cars are famous for their comfort, style, and ease of driving and maneuvering. They make excellent, durable engines and easy-to-use in-car controls. Every car you buy will require annual maintenance, and the reason why Mercedes are costly is that their parts are imported.

This is a German car, and its original parts are all imported from there. If you get a BMW or an Audi, you’ll face a similar problem. Despite mandatory annual upkeep, the prices could vary each time you go.

Sometimes, older car models are harder to maintain. This depends on their popularity at the manufacturing time and how large the line was. For example, the Mercedes C-class cars are among this brand’s most sold and most popular vehicles. Now, buying a C-class will mean you have a high-quality vehicle that could be repaired almost anywhere.

Is It Worth Getting a Second Hand Mercedes Despite the Expensive Repairs?

Second-hand cars can be troublesome, whether their parts are imported or domestic-made. There’s a lot of due diligence to perform with used vehicles, and transferring the ownership from one person to another costs differently in each state.

If you decide to get a used Mercedes, ensure it’s a widely available model, easy to fix anywhere. While the decision-making process lasts, check the engine, brakes, transmission, and overall condition. Take a test drive, if possible, because getting used to a new car can be challenging, even if it’s second-hand.

A white Mercedes C63 on an empty road
Mercedes C-class is the most popular and accessible car from this manufacturer

The Biggest Repairs Mercedes Cars Often Require

While the Mercedes Benz engines are reliable and sturdy, these cars have other common issues that require frequent visits to the mechanic. Professionals who deal with car repairs daily say that Mercedes has a ton of faults with none other than their air conditioning.

The AC compressor can blow up and require replacement, probably the most expensive type of repair they need. The SL models have frequent issues with the heater, and the S models can encounter problems with the radiator hose.

These issues aren’t limited to the car’s model, but they are the most common in these specific makes. Here’s how much you’d have to pay for these repairs, according to model and breakage:

  • Air conditioning not working (model E63 AMG) = $150
  • Radiator hose replacement (model S 550) = $700
  • Heater blower motor replacement (model SLK 55 AMG) = $1,200
  • AC compressor replacement (model SL 550) = $2,400

Common Price Chart for Mercedes Maintenance and Repairs

While looking at the potential breaks and repairs for SL, SLK, and E Mercedes models, we mustn’t overlook the general upkeep costs that are mandatory. Your car must be taken care of at least once a year to prevent larger issues.

Here’s a chart of the most common Mercedes repairs and prices.

Repair TypeApproximate Cost
Oil and filter change$160 – $200
Air filter replacement$100 – $170
Brake fluid replacement$240 – $300
Spark plug replacement$350 – $420
Transmission fluid replacement$260 – $320
Coolant replacement$100 – $130
Tire rotation$40 – $60

How to Take Care of Your Brand-New Mercedes

The biggest favor you could do for your vehicle is taking it for a service and checkup after a certain amount of miles. For example, experts recommend a tire rotation service every 5,000 miles.

You can monitor your miles and schedule repairs according to the odometer. That’d be the best way to upkeep and care for your Mercedes. It’ll take some effort and active mileage monitoring, but it won’t seem difficult or troublesome after a while.

Run a Calendar of Repairs and Set Reminders for the Next Appointment

If you need a short version of a calendar of repairs or are a beginner in the world of Mercedes Benz, the chart below could help you learn what to pay attention to.

They are the recommended services after specific intervals, but remember, they aren’t set in stone and don’t always need to be done according to numbers. You’ll intuitively know when your vehicle needs repairs when you get used to it.

Interval/mileage crossedRecommended service
Every 5,000 miles (or as required)Tire rotation
Every 10,000 milesEngine oil, oil filter, and wiper blade changes; tire, fluid, and brake checks
Every 20,000 milesBrake fluid and cabin air filter change
Every 50,000 milesSpark plug replacement
Every 150,000 milesFuel filter replacement

You Can Keep Your Car in Great Condition Only With Regular Maintenance

Mercedes is a type of car that requires frequent maintenance and care. It’s essential to treat it accordingly to extend its life and ensure you don’t have to spend money on other, newer cars along the line.

And if you do wish to get a new ride after a while, think of the future. Selling your car second-hand will be worth it as long as you keep it in good condition by giving it the required care. High-quality cars can outlast and outperform many others, and Mercedes is no exception.