Is Hyundai a Good Used Car

Is Hyundai a good used car? The overall statistics show that they have been one of the best used cars to buy, but there are some disadvantages as well.

Hyundai models, especially the Elantra model, are quite popular among people who are searching to buy a used vehicle. They are known for their reliability, affordability, modern design, and transferable warranty.

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Used Hyundai Models Are Known for Their Reliability and Fuel Economy

You can often hear that cars produced by this famous South Korean company are great all-around vehicles that will serve their owners for many years, and statistics seem to support this statement. According to research performed by CarMD, people who owned used Hyundais from 2003 to 2013 spent the least amount of money on repairs.

Moreover, pre-owned Hyundais are often among the most economical vehicles when it comes to fuel consumption. Here are the models that constantly ranked among the best in this department:

  • Accent, 2009,
  • Accent, 2013,
  • Elantra, 2011-13,
  • I20, 2011.

You Won’t Worry About Repair Costs With Hyundai as the Company Offers a Transferable Warranty to the Customer

One of the best features of a pre-owned Hyundai is the policy of transferable warranty, which the company implemented in 1999. They offer a 10-year/100,000 miles warranty for their vehicles, and what makes it even better is the fact that it is allowed to transfer the warranty to the second buyer of the vehicle.

These Cars Are Also Known for Their Modern Design and Safety

Depending on the manufacturer, some cars have outdated exterior and interior designs even though the model was produced ten years ago, for example. With this South Korean manufacturer, you won’t have to worry about that. They have always been renowned for constantly implementing modern technology. Generally, there won’t be many differences between the i20 from 2013 and the i20 from 2020 in these respects.

Research performed by IIHS in 2019 showed that Hyundai had made exceptional cars when it comes to safety. In almost all types of vehicles, there was a Hyundai model present. For SUVs, the Palisade and Tucson had one of the highest performances. For sedans, the Sonata and Accent had great performances, and the Ioniq was one of the top hatchbacks in this department.

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This Brand Offers Many Great Models That Are Great as Pre-owned

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you are keen on buying a Hyundai. Here is a list of the most popular ones:

Elantra 2007-11The fourth-generation (2007-2010) and the fifth-generation (2011) are possibly the most popular pre-owned cars from this brand. 2009 is especially popular because the USB system was implemented. The 2011 version is known for being highly economical.
Sonata 2010-14The sixth generation of this wonderful sedan is one of the most popular choices for people who want to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. The main reason is that there are versions with an incredible 274 turbocharged horsepower engine, and yet the price isn’t all that high for such a powerful engine.
Accent 2011The Accent is the greatest example of what is meant by an all-around vehicle. Good fuel consumption, decent engine, spacious interior, and a modern exterior design make this car one of the best from this manufacturer.
Azera 2012The Azera 2012 has virtually everything that a modern car has when it comes to technology. Navigation system, USB port, Bluetooth, click button ignition, the design truly holds up to present standards.
Santa Fe 2007-12If you are looking for a reliable pre-owned SUV,  the second generation of Santa Fe might be ideal for you. Known to be one of the safest SUVs and with great fuel consumption, this Santa Fe certainly stands the test of time. In 2009 USB technology was implemented as well.
Genesis Coupe 2010-11If you are looking for an affordable pre-owned sports car, you should definitely consider the Genesis Coupe. Known for their turbocharged I4 and V6 engines, you’ll certainly learn what it means to drive a sports car.

It’s Not All Roses – Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle Has Its Disadvantages, too

Of course, a lot depends on how the car was treated by its previous owner, but there are some general disadvantages that older Hyundai models have. Here are the ones that are most prominent:

  • Older Accents with automatic transmission have overall poor acceleration and are not all suitable for driving over rough surfaces. They tend to lose balance heavily.
  • Older Elantras, especially pre-2011, have a cheaply made interior design. The materials are poor and easily deteriorate. Also, for many people, the roof is too low, and it can be uncomfortable for a taller person.
  • Older Tucsons tend to have rough steering wheels, and a lot more energy needs to be expended on handling them. Also, when compared to some other older SUVs, the trunk has small storage space.
  • The years 2011-12 were not great for the Sonata since there were many engine troubles reported by owners.
  • Owners of 2011 Sonatas also complained a lot about the loss of balance when passing curves.
  • Paint has been a problem for many models, and this problem seems to persist even with the new ones. Some owners have reported that the paint deteriorated only after a couple of years of driving.

All in All, It Is Safe to Say That the Hyundai Brand Is Reliable and Affordable

If you are looking for a steady pre-owned car that you will use around the city, you should definitely check out this South Korean manufacturer. If the car is in a decent condition and you continue to treat it well, the chances that you won’t need to spend money for any major repair are high. Furthermore, this brand is quite affordable even when it comes to new models, but pre-owned in good condition are definitely worth the price.