Is A Jeep A Good First Car?

When getting your first car, there are multiple factors that you’ll need to consider. If this is your first time, you’ll want a car that’s affordable but not too expensive in insurance fees. 

Today, we’re going to explore whether or not a Jeep would be a good first car.

Jeeps are good first cars for buyers who live in rural areas or are looking to do some offroading. Since most Jeeps are 4x4s, you won’t have much trouble dealing with dirt, snow, and mud. The only thing to keep in mind is that Jeeps tend to have a higher center of gravity, making them a little more susceptible to rollovers than other first cars.

We’ll explain why Jeep is a good car for first-time buyers throughout this article. Jeeps make great cars; it depends on the model. Newer Jeep models aren’t a good choice because they are high maintenance, expensive insurance, or too costly. Older Jeep models are safe to maintain and are budget-friendly cars. 

So Why Do Some Jeeps Make Good First Cars?

 If you’re a new driver, there are many things to consider when getting your first Jeep. We know that vehicles depreciate over time; think about that as well when buying. Also, the insurance costs vary from model to model, so always research the vehicle before going to the dealership. 

Because of these circumstances, you’ll want to avoid Jeeps such as the Jeep Compass SUV. This car has a sluggish engine and low safety scores, making it difficult for beginners. You’ll want a car that is safe, durable, and can be low on your insurance costs. 

Jeeps are expensive from an insurance standpoint. Based on, a Jeep Cherokee will cost $2,640 a year. This is about $1,640 more than the national average. 

Jeeps are good SUV vehicles, and a new 2021 Grand Cherokee is around $32,350. This can be expensive for most first-time car buyers. And even if the car’s price is reduced due to deterioration, you’ll have to pay for the maintenance fees as well. 

So what makes the Jeep brand great? Because the previous number I gave you only applies for new Jeep cars. While Jeeps, Toyotas, and Mazda vehicles are affordable in price, you’ll have to pay more insurance fees annually. 

If we’re looking at an older model such as a Jeep Wrangler, expect to pay $14,890. These cars have an annual repair cost of $500. With these costs, they are less expensive than newer models, but the repair costs are still more than the average. 

Which Jeeps Make The Best First Cars?

Here are the best jeeps for first-time car buyers.

2019 Grand Cherokee 

If you’re looking for a versatile, reliable, and safe vehicle, you should look for the 2019 Grand Cherokee. This vehicle has a maximum towing capacity of 7,400 lbs. This Jeep has excellent visibility, a good driving position, and steering wheel and seat adjustability. 

You can choose a car from a list of features such as power-adjusted seats or heated ventilated seats. The Grand Cherokee’s is customized to meet a user’s needs so that you can have power window locks or fitted interior lighting based on your preferences. 

The 2019 Grand Cherokee has an eight-speed transmission that offers improved efficiency and smooth riding. It has great safety and off-roading features, making it a great choice for family adventures. 

2019 Jeep Renegade

For those planning on traveling in the woods, or taking a trip to the countryside, then you should consider getting the 2019 Jeep Renegade. This car has a turbo four engine option and a 2.4-liter engine with quick acceleration. 

In addition, the 2019 Renegade has advanced features such as automatic emergency braking, front and rear parking sensors, and rearview cameras. These Jeeps can drive swiftly and smoothly without having dangerous body rolls. 

When you’re getting a 2019 Jeep Renegade, you’re getting a vehicle that has a user-friendly entertainment system. You’ll love the Jeep’s heated steering wheels, power-adjustable driver seat, and heated front seats. 

Other benefits include cargo space, roomy seating, and a stylish interior. These cars have an annual repair cost of $498. Thus, making this a good vehicle for those wanting a simple yet effective option. 

Jeep Compass

Want to have an enjoyable vehicle but not like the Jeep Wrangler’s price tag? The Jeep Compass is a great alternative option because it provides off-road opportunities. It has a simple infotainment system and adult-friendly seats that will keep your passenger entertained while they drive. 

While it is a great Jeep, it’s not on the top of the list because it’s not as balanced as the 2019 Jeep Renegade. The compass has more cargo and passenger space, but the Renegade has a more robust turbocharged engine and better driving control. 

Those who want additional space should get a Compass. But if you’re serious about performance, stick for the Jeep Cherokee. 

The Worst Jeep Features to Avoid 

Here are some factors you should look into when looking for bad Jeeps. Once you notice any of these issues, make sure that they are fixed before it causes long-term issues. 

The “Death Wobble”

The “Death Wobble” is the main reason why accidents occur with Jeeps. When the wobble occurs, you’ll notice the steering wheel shake voluntarily. This usually happens when driving through a pothole and can be triggered when pressing too hard on the brake pedal

This occurs when your car’s steering components are compromised. This can occur when someone is steering parts incorrectly. The first step is to diagnose the part that changed in the front suspension. 

TPS Failure

Your car’s throttle position sensor (TPS) sends information to your engine control module (ECM). The TPS can fail because of its complex combination of mechanical and electrical components. 

Once the TPS fails, you’ll notice incorrect voltage readings, and a check engine light sign will appear. The TPS will send information to your ECM and lead to unexpected shifting in gears. This can be dangerous while driving because it will make it difficult to change gears.


Rust can accumulate on your Jeep due to the sand and salt that’s placed on the roads. For Jeeps, you’ll always want to check how much Rust has accumulated over time. If you see a lot of rust on your Jeep vehicle, look for another one because this car will lead to more repair issues later down the line. 


To conclude, the Jeep is a good car for first-time buyers. When getting your first Jeep, make sure it has the right mileage, and driving quality is available. By doing this, you’ll reduce your insurance costs and get the best car for your money.