Is a Lexus a Good Used Car

If you are currently looking for a new vehicle and came up with the idea of getting a used Lexus, you must be wondering if this is a smart choice and what makes this car better than some other options on the market. When buying a vehicle, there is more than one thing you need to consider, mostly about the price-quality ratio.

So, is a Lexus a good used car?

Lexus is a good used car, especially the older models. The brand is a luxury division of its parent company Toyota and has a very good reputation in the car industry. Like many modern cars, they are made of metal, not plastic, making a used Lexus an excellent choice for people looking for a high-quality vehicle for an affordable price.

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Both Lexus and Toyota have amazing reputations around the world, mostly based on the safety and reliability of their vehicle model.

Used Lexus Cars Are Always a Smart Option for Money Conscious Buyers

Like any other car brand, Toyota and Lexus both made mistakes in the past, but they also came up with phenomenal price-worthy options that buyers loved. This is why you can never be 100% about purchasing any car, but a used option is always better for money-conscious buyers. A brand-new car is often just slightly better and significantly more expensive.

You Can Be More Certain About the Reliability of a Used Car

Another reason to buy pre-used cars is that they are proven to be reliable in general, unlike the brand new vehicle that no one has driven before. If you are looking at a solid used vehicle, you will be able to tell much more about its reliability.

This logic for car shopping can be applied to any model as well as Lexus. This is also the main reason why the used Lexus can often be a better pick for buyers.

Best Models of Lexus Buyers Should Consider Getting Because of Great Value and Quality Balance

If you take a look at the Consumer Reports chart with the best-used cars under $20,000, you’ll notice that the Lexus is among them – it is actually centered on this list. When you look at sedans, Consumer Reports also listed three different year models of Lexuses among them.

If you’re looking at the history of these models, you’ll find that the first used model of Lexus recommended by Consumer Reports was the 2011 LS.

Unlike Some New Vehicles, Older Models of Lexus Cars Are Very Reliable and Come With Sophisticated Features

Despite being older, this luxury model came with more sophisticated features that many other options from that period didn’t have. For example, the thing that makes it better than its main opponent is the options radar-based cruise control system. Let’s go through this and some other highly recommended models and their prices:

  • Prices for the 2011 LS model start from $14,000 while the brand new car price starts at $75,000. This difference is significant, so you can actually get a pretty good deal if you’re getting a pre-used option.
  • The second used Lexus on this list was the 2013 GS, and the report called it “a true sports sedan.” As most of the Lexus buyers expect, and unlike some other sporty models, the inside of this Lexus is supremely luxurious. You can find that the price for a used GS from this year is approximately $15,000. The brand new model prices usually start at $51,000.
  • The next recommended model was the 2015 LS. It is a less luxurious model of a sedan if you compare it to a Camry and Corolla, but you still get the pretty decent option for the value. If you compare the GS and LS, you’ll also notice that it didn’t have many upgraded feathers, but the pre-used model of this car costs about $15,000, which is still much more affordable than a price for a new model of $40,000.

Lexus and Toyota Models Are Proven to Be Among the Top Options in the SUV Category Thanks to Amazing Safety

With a lot of competition in the SUV category, Lexus and Toyota, in most cases, outrank some other companies’ models. Lexus RX 350 is one of the best options in this category. As many of these vehicles are built on the same platform, Lexus models win in all categories except fuel economy and price. For all the other categories like interior, performance, and safety, this is definitely one of the best options.

The 2020 Lexus RS 350 – currently ranks as one of the best models according to the U.S. News and World Report reviews. With a powerful V6 engine and standard safety, comfort, and luxurious design, it also comes with a lot of cargo room, unlike some other competitors.

This model is also very appreciated by the commuters for its amazing fuel efficiency. Thanks to its comfort and a lot of cargo space, it is also considered a very good family vehicle, not to mention the highest safety standard on the market as one of the biggest and most important advantages.

If you are considering getting a car from a midsize SUV category, you should also know that the 2020 Toyota Highlander stands below the 2020 RX 350, which is supreme in many categories. On that note, this table will help you get a better overview of some previously mentioned options.

ModelPrice for a New CarPrice for a Used Car
2011 Lexus LSFrom $75,000From $14,000
2013 Lexus GSFrom $51,000From $15,000
2015 Lexus LSFrom $40,000From $15,000

There Is No Reason to Keep Wondering Is a Lexus a Good Used Car – It’s Definitely a Great Option for Buyers

If you consider all the previously mentioned information, it won’t be hard to come to the conclusion that getting a car from this luxury line is definitely a smart choice, especially if you’re buying a pre-used vehicle. Most of the brand new models of Lexus vehicles are overpriced, while you can still get an amazing quality and features these models have for an affordable price of approximately $15,000.