Is a Subaru a Good Used Car?

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is a great way to save money, but no one likes to end up with a faulty four-wheeler. If you fall among the lovers of Japanese machines, you are probably wondering is a Subaru a good used car.

So, is a Subaru a good used car? Yes, Subaru can be trusted as a reliable brand. Consumer Reports surveys have revealed that this brand has shown well when it comes to reliability. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and Consumer Reports collaborated to make a list of the best pre-owned cars under $20,000, and 5 models of Subarus have made this list.

A yellow car on the road

Consumer Reports has looked for several other things besides reliability and the safety and performance of these vehicles. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety was looking into crash protection, so the results can be looked into by anyone trying to get their hands on a good used vehicle.

You Can Stop Wondering Is a Subaru a Good Used Car and Buy the Best Model for You

When you plan on buying a pre-owned vehicle, you can look for recommendations and reviews by friends and family. But nothing sounds as reassuring as a survey done by experts in the field. It turns out that a list made by two collaborating authorities – the Consumer Reports and the IIHS, shows results of the survey on which are the best used vehicles under $20,000 listed 5 Subarus. Among other car brands, Subarus were represented with five models:

  • Forester,
  • Outback,
  • Crosstrek,
  • Impreza,
  • Legacy.

However, before you decide on the model that suits you, you should know the recommended age for each model.

An Overview of the Recommended Age and Price for Each Model

One of the decisive factors that can greatly influence your choice of Subarus is the price for the recommended years of production. This table shows how much you are expected to pay for each model (but not whether you can buy a used car with a credit card):

ModelRecommended yearPrice (average)
Forester2016 or newer$12,500
Outback2013 or newer$8,500
Crosstrek2018 or newer$18,700
Impreza2014 or newer$8,700
Legacy2013 or newer$7,600

Select the Model Based on Your Preferences

I’ve already mentioned that there are several Subaru models that can be a great choice when you look for a pre-owned car. However, picking among them should be fitted to your needs and preferences, so let me introduce you to some more in-depth details about some of them:

  • If you pick the Crosstrek, it will provide you with a standard all-wheel drive, which is not that common for the small SUV class. Beyond having a lot of driver assistance features, it guarantees safety through its perfect scores. The plug-in hybrid of this model provides a smooth and comfortable ride while it includes sufficient room in the cargo space. It can run almost 17 miles on battery power before it switches to hybrid mode.
  • If you’re looking for a car that is long-lasting and, above all, safe, you can have it with the Outback. Providing you with excellent driving dynamics and a standard all-wheel drive, it’s a great all-around pick.
  • If you require more cargo room than the majority of subcompact SUVs have to offer, Impreza will provide it to you. Besides this advantage, it also has a fuel economy that is above the average. It’s also a car that comes with a standard all-wheel drive, which is not common for smaller cars.

Subarus Are Great but Avoid Buying Some Models

All right, it seems that Subarus might just be the best used car for the money. But Consumer Reports also point out that there are some Subarus you should try to avoid, no matter how much the deal may seem sweet. If you come across a Crosstrek from 2013 and the Impreza compact sedan (and hatchback, too) from the same year, don’t be tempted to buy them.

When it comes to the Crosstrek from 2013, it has shown reliability that is below average. It also revealed issues with the engine. The owners of the 2013 Impreza have reported similar transmission and engine issues.

Another of Subaru’s models you should stay clear of is the 2019 Ascent 3-Row, which is a family hauler. It had five recalls when it was a new model, where and these vehicles have proven to have the most prominent problems concerning automatic transmission.

A white Impreza on the road

It’s Best to Look at Certified Cars if You Want to Find Reliable Vehicles

If you’re out there and shopping for pre-owned Subarus, the models and years I have mentioned are your best choices. By buying a certified vehicle, you will avoid spending substantial amounts of money on repairs or the stress of having to deal with a faulty four-wheeler. But whichever of these cars I’ve listed you pick, you can drive them any time of the year because of how reliable they have proven to be. In the end, you’ll only have to figure out how much are used car tires.