Are Infinitis Expensive to Maintain

When buying a luxurious car the costs of maintenance are a primary issue you need to worry about in the future. Infiniti is considered to be among the luxury brands in the automotive industry and if you are thinking about buying one you probably want to know are Infinitis expensive to maintain? Answers to this and other questions will be presented in this article.

Are Infinitis expensive to maintain? Infinitis are considered to be among the cheaper luxurious car brands when it comes to maintenance. Depending on the car model you own, annual maintenance costs are between $800 to $1200.

Infiniti car parked on the street

It is important to note that Infiniti cars are considered to be really reliable, meaning that the chances of you paying full annual costs are tiny. Keep reading and find out more about Infiniti maintenance.

Are Infinitis Expensive to Maintain? What Is the Annual Maintenance Cost?

When compared with other luxurious cars, this Japanese auto, a luxury brand of Nissan, is considered cheap to maintain. Of course, some models will cost more than others for annual maintenance, but on average, maintenance costs of Infinitis are $11,800  for the first ten years of service. Take a look at annual costs for the most popular models:

  • Infiniti Q50 – In the first ten years of service, the average maintenance costs will be $8,135, with a 27% chance this car will need major repairs.
  • Infiniti Q80 – Average costs for the first ten years will be $8,900, with a 25% chance this car will need any major repair.
  • Infiniti QX50 – For the first ten years of service, average costs will be $10,650, with a 32% chance this model will need repairs.
  • Infiniti Q70 – Expect average annual costs in the region of $480. 

Maintenance Schedule According to Mileage

Like with other cars, good maintenance is the key to your car lasting longer. This is why it is crucial to know what kind of maintenance you need to do in relation to the mileage your car has passed. Also, this can give you an insight into how much money you will need for proper maintenance.

MilageType of serviceAverage costs
At every 10,000Oil and filter change, tire rotation, and visual inspection of brakes, belts, and hoses.$180 to $215
At every 20,000Inspection for any liquid leaks. Potential brake pad replacement. Inspection of belts, brakes, and hoses.$320 to $380
At every 30,000Replacement of spark plug, fuel and air filters, engine coolant.$560 to $625
At every 50,000Inspection of bushings, drive belts, motor mounts, and hoses. Oil and filter change and tire rotation.$190 to $223

How to Keep Your Infiniti Car Healthy?

Aside from regular maintenance, there are a couple of things you can do to keep your Infiniti vehicle running smoothly. According to an Infiniti recommendation, if you do the following, your car will be in much better condition and won’t need any major repairs. Take a look at those recommendations:

  • Use premium gasoline,
  • Use 100% synthetic oil,
  • Use high-performance INFINITI brand oil filters,
  • Oil change on every 5,000 miles,
  • Change brake fluid and transmission fluid every 5,000 miles,
  • Go on preventive maintenance as listed above.

Are Infiniti Parts Expensive?

As you may know, Infiniti cars are manufactured by the famous Japanese auto manufacturer Nissan. That makes Infiniti cars compatible with most Nissan parts. This compatibility is what makes Infiniti car parts to be so affordable for many. If we take a look at the average costs of all Infiniti repairs, we could see that, for a luxurious car, these costs are among the more affordable. For example engine replacement is $2,500 to $4,000. Still, if you maintain your engine properly, you probably won’t need any replacements. Furthermore, windshield replacement is around $400, while the costs of repainting your car will be somewhere between $1,000 to $5,000.

Windshield and steering wheel 

Are Infiniti Cars Reliable?

Overall we could say that Infiniti cars are reliable. Still, that doesn’t mean there are no issues with this car brand and its models. For example, Infiniti Q50 has been marked as unreliable by many customer reviews due to its infotainment system. These problems are not uncommon with luxurious vehicles that offer modern technology and electronics.

It seems some of these problems were fixed in Infiniti Q70 by giving various warranties. For example, hybrid-related components will be covered up to eight years or until you pass 100,000 miles. Another common problem you can stumble upon when driving an Infiniti is the steering rack leaking. It has been reported to leak at 60,000 miles, and if this problem occurs, you’ll have a larger repair in store.

Another reported problem is transmission failure which was usually reported after the 70,000-mile mark. However, these are common problems, and if you compare these issues with some other brands, you will see that these problems are not that big of a deal.

Still, when buying a car, you should check all the options and go with the one that will make your money worth it.

Car in a mechanic shop

Should You Buy an Infiniti Car?

Infiniti’s price goes between $36,000 to $83,000 depending on the year and model you purchase. It is considered to be among the luxurious vehicles. Even though some models are proven to be less reliable than others, if we look at average maintenance costs and the costs of common repairs, I can say that purchasing Infiniti cars will be a good deal. However, if you are buying a used car, make sure to know the mileage and whether all the regular maintenance was done. Also, make sure you understand which model is the best to buy.