Are Lexus Expensive to Maintain?

Buying a luxurious and reliable car is a dream for many, and Lexuses are a great choice. But are Lexus expensive to maintain, and are they worth the price?

Are Lexus expensive to maintain? Surprisingly, no. This luxurious brand that is a division of Toyota is affordable to repair and maintain. It takes around $550 annually to keep it in great condition. Also, an extended warranty can help you lower the costs even more.

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Although ownership costs will rise over the years, some studies have placed this luxury brand in the sixth overall position for the affordability of regular servicing. While Lexus has its own warranty program, you can also view the available third-party options to lower the expenses.

Are Lexus Expensive to Maintain?

Lexus, the luxury division of Japanese Toyota, is not only a beautiful and highly reliable car to own, but it has proven to be low cost when it comes to maintenance. If you choose to buy it, you can expect to pay around $550 a year to repair it and maintain it regularly. As with any other car, visiting the mechanic for regular checkups and repairs will prolong the life and highest performance of the car.

With Lexus, You’ll Get Free Scheduled Maintenance

This is a reliable, low-maintenance car that, when bought new, comes with additional convenience. If you decide to purchase one of their new models, you will get two appointments for free servicing:

  • You will get your first appointment for free at six months or 5,000 miles,
  • The second one will be at 12 months or 10,000 miles.

It’s up to your vehicle whether there will be more than one oil change included. Conventional cars will need to change it after 5,000 miles, and vehicles that use synthetic oil will run about 10,000 miles between oil changes.

Let’s Access the Costs of General Servicing

For all owners of new Lexuses, there’s an option for a prepaid servicing plan that will last between two years or 20,000 miles and five years or 90,000 miles. If you choose to purchase this plan, it will cover inspections, filters, oil changes, tire rotations, and recommendations for scheduled service. The table below shows the expected costs.

Scheduled maintenance at 10,000 miles$300 and above
Oil changeBetween $130 and $200
Tires changeBetween $800 and $1,000
Spark plug replacementBetween $200 and $500
Brake padsBetween $130 and $300

Does a Lexus Need More Than Regular Maintenance? The Quality of Their Make Can’t Be Denied, but They Need the Scheduled Maintaining

Even reliable cars like Lexuses need repairs from time to time. To keep your car in good health, you will not only need to take it up for preventive checkups (which basically is servicing). You will occasionally need to replace or repair a part of your vehicle that has either stopped working or broken down.

The Costs for Lexus’ Rx 350 Model

An example of repair costs for an RX 350 includes from $520 to $600 for the replacement of the water pump, around $80 to $90 for the cabin air filter, and $720 to $745 for the airbag module. If you require an engine cover front gasket replacement, you will need to pay between $1,570 to $1,970.

Windshield Replacement and Paint Job Costs

The windshield replacement is not a regular repair or servicing and is done if it has a crack that is bigger than a dollar bill. The expenses vary depending on the model and go from $350 to $750. You should do this type of repair to avoid hindering your vision while driving.

The paint job is done when your car is visibly discolored or the paint is peeling. If you hand it over for a professional repaint, it can prevent further damage and corrosion while it raises the vehicle’s value for resale as a used car.

Scheduled Maintenance per Mileage

On 10,000 miles, you should do the minor service, which includes filter and oil change, tire rotation, fluid leak check, as well as visual and safety inspection. It will cost you from $330 to $390. After your car has been driven for 20,000 miles, you should be servicing any recalls and replacing brake pads. This will cost you around $330 to $390. At the 30,000 mile mark, replace the fluids (transmission, brake, and engine) and the spark plug, for which you will pay from $605 to $725.

When you’ve hit the 40,000 miles mark, what awaits you are the safety check, oil change, and tire rotation. Additionally, you should inspect and replace suspension bushings (if needed,) as well as motor mounts, hoses, and drive belts. Expect to pay between $330 to $390. The 60,000-mile mark brings timing belt replacement and valve adjustment. You should also replace the drive belt and service any recalls – all for around $605 to $725.

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Treat Your Luxury Car Well at Home and on the Road and Drive It Without Any Issues

Lexuses are luxurious, highly-reliable cars, which have proven to be low-cost when it comes to regular and additional maintenance. These expenses may, however, vary, depending on the model, but overall servicing is affordable because they share many spare parts with Toyota. Also, keep in mind that when a car is regularly maintained and taken care of, it lasts longer and runs smoother.