Are Acuras Expensive to Maintain?

Acuras belong to a premium car brand that is the epitome of excellent craftsmanship that comes with a pretty budget-friendly price. But once you buy it, the question remains: Will it cost an arm and a leg to maintain it throughout the years?

This leads us to our main point: Are Acuras expensive to maintain?

No, Acuras aren’t expensive to maintain at all. When compared to other vehicles in the same class, Acuras are generally cheaper to maintain than premium class vehicles. In the course of 10 years, average Acura maintenance is around $9,800 while German cars are at the top of the list with BMW $17,800 and Mercedes-Benz at $12,900. 

What Are the Most Expensive Repairs in Acura?

Regular maintenance is always advised for all car owners because minor issues can turn into big (and expensive) repairs if allowed to fester. Acuras are somewhere in the mid-range when it comes to costly repairs. 

To put things into scope, statistics from Motor1 show that an average Acura owner will take their car into the shop for repairs approximately 0.4 times per year, and when he does, there is only an 8% chance that it will be a costly repair. 

How Much Do Regular Maintenance and Replacement Parts Cost?

Let’s talk numbers for Acura’s regular maintenance costs. Basic oil and filter change costs $120 on average. Brake fluid replacement goes for approximately $100, and brake flush and refill are around $120-130. If you want to replace your engine coolant, you’re looking at around $150. Many Acura owners find their cars very affordable to maintain with these prices. 

Here’s an easier-to-digest breakdown of the repair costs, including labor and parts.

RepairsPrice Range
Heater hose replacement$130 – $185
Engine control module$900 – $1000
AC condenser$500 – $850
Oil and filter change $100 – $130
Brake fluid change$65 – $150
Engine coolant $130 – $180

Do Acuras Have High Maintenance Costs?

Acuras are Honda’s premium brand of affordable luxury vehicles, and since Honda is on top of the lists regarding low maintenance costs, that definitely affects Acura’s maintenance costs as well. When you compare vehicles in the same class as Acura, it’s usually Acura that comes up as a winner, with average yearly upkeep at around $500. To put things into perspective, Audi’s yearly upkeep is on average valued at $987. 

What Kind of Warranty Does Acura Have? 

Luckily, Acuras come with long warranties and are generally considered to be reliable high-quality cars. If you’re buying a new Acura, you can enjoy their 4-year warranty or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first, or you can invest in one of their 4 packages for an extended warranty and not worry about repairs for quite some time. 

The 4 Acura warranty packages are:

  • New Vehicle Coverage
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Coverage
  • Powertrain Coverage (Pre-Owned Vehicles Only)
  • Certified Additional Coverage

Is Owning An Acura Expensive?

Owning a car naturally comes with various expenses without maintenance costs. But Acuras are pretty sturdy vehicles that, apart from the scheduled and required maintenance, can serve you up to their 20th birthday. Combine the reliability and low maintenance costs with the good deals when it comes to warranty, and you get a luxurious car that’s not expensive to acquire or own. 

Is Acura Considered Luxury?

Yes, Acura is a premium car brand that’s considered to be a luxury vehicle and it will definitely make some heads turn. But Acura is a brand whose drive (pun intended) is to make a reliable luxury car brand far more affordable for everybody. Not to mention the great luxury equipment packages that come with Acura, which will make your ride even more enjoyable. 

Is Acura a Reliable Vehicle?

Based on RepairPal’s data, Acuras have a high-reliability rating. Each new Acura model is ranked above average for reliability, usually getting a score of 4.0 out of 5.0, based on a comparison of more than 300 models. When compared to the other 32 brands, Acuras are ranked 2nd for reliability. Now, that’s a neat rank! 

Do Acuras Hold Their Value?

There’s a saying that as soon as you drive out of the car lot, even brand new, the vehicle loses its value by a multifold. Since Acuras are cheaper than the average luxury car in the same class, its value is also less than, let’s say, Lexus or an Audi. But if you plan to use (and abuse) your Acura, people usually boast with 20 years of usage with proper maintenance and responsible car ownership. 

Why Is Acura Not Popular?

There are several factors that contribute to Acura’s low popularity. They’ve lost many customers during their “beak-like” design back in the day, which wasn’t liked by a majority of people. Even though new car designs are elegant, and models affordable, seems like Acura is still not striking the chord. 

Many car enthusiasts reproach Acura that they don’t have a good sedan to join the battle of the car brands and win against Infinity or Audi. That, and their infotainment systems are lacking compared to the top competitors, but that’s surely what’s driving their price point as well. 

Does Acura Have a Supercar?  

Yes, it does! Acura’s supercar is greatly overlooked by the buyers. The outside can parry with the best out there since it carries quite a luxurious design and soft, flirtatious lines. 

The best way to describe an Acura NSX aesthetics would be that it’s the Beauty AND the Beast at the same time. But if you ask other connoisseurs, there’s no reproach on handling, but a lot of trash talk on a not-exotic-enough interior. Naturally, supercar buyers look for both.  

What’s the Final Verdict for Acura? 

The verdict is in – No, Acuras aren’t expensive to maintain or own. In fact, their upkeep is quite cheap for a luxury brand. Also, Acura’s reliability and handling take the cake. The downsides of owning an Acura are that it’s not holding a great value as some other car brands, and it’s not quite as popular, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

Basically, it all comes down to the fact that if Acura wants to evolve as a brand, it has to differentiate more from competitors and position its offer better.