Is A BMW A Good First Car?

Getting your first BMW can be a costly investment. There are multiple factors you have to think about before obtaining one. If this is your first time purchasing a vehicle, we’re here to help you by giving you as much information on BMWs as possible.

Whether it’s your first vehicle or you’re planning to add a BMW to your car collection, we’re here to determine if the BMW brand is a good choice for you. But you might have a few concerns because of their reputation of high-maintenance vehicles. So does BMW make a good first car?

Newer BMWs tend to be good first cars because they are more reliable than their older counterparts, which were often plagued by electrical issues. If you’re willing to pay a bit more for a first car that has better performance and some luxury features, a BMW would be a good choice. 

We’ll explain how BMW makes a good car for first-time buyers throughout this article. BMWs are great cars for first-time drivers, but their repair costs and insurance costs will make you reconsider your budget. By the end, you’ll have enough information to make a conscious decision.

So Why Do Some BMWs Make Good First Cars?

Some BMWs make good first cars if they can fit into the driver’s budgets and needs. The most expensive BMW sedan is the X6M Competition, which is approximately $120,000. Take the time to see which BMW model works best for you to ensure you’re making the most out of your money.

Because of these circumstances, first-time car buyers should look at vehicles such as the 228i xDrive Gran Coupe. They are considered to be the cheapest BMW sedans starting at a price of $40,000. Create a budget to determine how much you can afford and see if BMW is the right car brand for you. 

BMWs are expensive cars from an insurance, repair, and maintenance standpoint. Based on, a BMW 4 Series will cost around $2,856 annually. This is a lot of money because even if the sticker price is reduced, you’re still going to have extra sunk costs for its insurance and maintenance. 

Why do some BMWs make good first cars? Because the number I gave you applies to newer models. If we were to look at an older model such as the 2016 BMW X4, you’d have to pay around $46,595 for a downpayment.

While BMWs, Dodge, and Porsche vehicles are expensive when it comes to insurance coverage, they still make reliable cars. The cars are expensive to repair and will take a large monthly insurance fee. So if you have the proper budget for this brand, then the BMW might be the right first car for you. 

Now that you know how some BMWs make a good first car, we’ll explain which models are the best within their price range. Here is some advice on what BMW models to choose from when getting your first car. 

Which BMW Models Make Great First Cars?

Here are some BMW models that are great for first-time drivers. 


If you really need a newer BMW model, try out the BMW X4. It’s one of BMW’s best SUVs in terms of handling, price, and performance. However, it is more expensive than the BMW X3, and the X3 can also match this vehicle’s driving quality. 

With large SUVs growing in popularity, vehicles like the BMW X4 combine their coupe curviness and anywhere go-to presence with helping them stand out from the crowd. 

The BMW X4 has enough room for five people once it operates. Features include a heated steering wheel, heated back seats, and a genuine leather upholstery. The interior seats are soft and plush, making them a good choice if you have a family.

BMW E30 M3

The BMW M3 costs around $5,000. It gains its reputation as BMW’s first M3 and the only one with a four-cylinder engine. They offer great balance because of their 48/52 weight distribution, no driver assist, and a chassis that adds a bit of personality to the car. 

When driving the BMW E3O M3 on curvy roads, you’ll notice its race car vibe. The interior has Recaro seats that are comfortable and supportive. There is a bit of oversteer in the corner, but it is predictable. 

Also, cornering is fun, as the car provides nice feedback when you make a turn. The car gives a slight wiggle when exiting corners, making it good for those who want smooth vehicle handling. So think about getting this car if you want something classic yet functional at the same time. 

BMW i8

The BMW i8 is a hybrid sports car that has a 3-cylinder gas engine. Since it is a hybrid vehicle, its battery will last ten years on average. You’re getting a vehicle that can drive fast while supporting that sporty yet elegant appearance when getting this car. 

However, this car has a few issues that make it unable to reach the top of our list. For example, the car has limited reliability, high repair fees, and high ownership costs. Still, it’s a good car if you have a bit extra to spend. 

Worst BMW Features to Avoid

Bad Mechanical Condition

When buying a BMW or Ford, you always want to check its mechanical condition instead of its age. Avoid buying cars that have been previously damaged through either car accidents or natural deterioration. Doing so will reduce your repair costs and give you a more reliable vehicle. 

Cars With Poor Reliability

One common problem amongst European brands such as BMW and Audi is that they use plastic materials. These materials are less durable and can make your car lose value over time. Always check the reliability of a BMW before buying to ensure you’re not leaving with a lemon. 

Steering Wheel Vibrations

The BMW 3 series is known for under braking and steering wheel vibrations. If you notice your steering wheel shaking when you step on the brakes, this might be a problem with the car’s thrust arm bushings. They are rubber units inside your BMW’s suspension system and lose quality after 75,000 miles.


To conclude, BMWs are good cars if you have their budget. They have high insurance and repair costs, so you have to know what you’re getting beforehand. By doing so, you’ll have a vehicle that looks good and drives well as well.