Best Year For Toyota Avalon

If you are searching for a good sedan, Toyota Avalon is the right choice for you. They have been around ever since 1994, and this vehicle has won the hearts of many owners worldwide. But, when buying it, it would be best if you knew what the best year of Toyota Avalon is. 

The best year for Toyota Avalon is the 2015 model. This vehicle is very reliable and worth your money. You will save up lots of money by purchasing an older version but still be getting the innovative and contemporary feel of a 2021 Avalon.

Toyota Avalon

Before you make your purchase, we wanted to tell you everything that there is to know about buying a new or used Toyota Avalon. So, keep on reading to find out more about them. 

Best Year for Used Toyota Avalon

Why not save up some money and buy a used Toyota Avalon? They are just as good when bought used, but if they are kept in good condition. Yes, there is no feeling more satisfying than being the first person who owns the car first, but if you get a good Toyota Avalon, you might get a feeling very similar to it. 

The best year for used Toyota Avalon is the 2017 model, which has a pretty high reliability score and a traditional Toyota Avalon exterior design that we all know and love. This vehicle is innovative and safe, and you will love every part of owning this car. 

There is not much difference if you want to compare the 2015 and 2017 model years. Still, the 2017 satellite navigation adds to the car’s standout features and makes your driving experience even more enjoyable. 

Is It Worth Buying a Used Toyota Avalon?

As said above, buying a used car has many perks; it can save you lots of money and give you almost the same feeling if purchasing a new one. But that doesn’t mean it’s the same for every car. So, is Toyota Avalon worth buying used?

Yes, it is worth buying a used Toyota Avalon. They are very reliable cars and the best option for someone who is looking for a big car. In addition, this vehicle has many attractive safety and design features that will surprise you. 

Buying a used car can be very beneficial since the price for your insurance will also be lower than if you decided on purchasing a new vehicle. This is because the insurance companies know that you’d be ready to pay any price to insure your car if you buy a new car. 

Is Toyota Avalon a Reliable Car?

Reliability score is an essential aspect when it comes to purchasing your car. It is based on consumers’ reports and on the complaints they’ve had about the vehicle. So if you get a car with a high reliability score, it is more likely that it will be a more durable car that will last you longer. 

Yes, Toyota Avalon is a reliable car. However, they also have a fantastic reliability score. According to J.D. Power, Toyota Avalon has a reliability score of 84 out of 100, an excellent reliability score. This, of course, goes for cars that are well taken care of. 

You may be wondering what that means; well, it means that reliability is subjective and that if you don’t take care of your car, your car will not be as reliable as it should be. Likewise, if you use and abuse the vehicle, you can’t expect it to be highly reliable. 

What Year Is the Most Reliable Toyota Avalon?

And of course, some model years have had more complaints than others, which lowered the reliability score of the vehicle. So, when buying a car, why not get the one with the minor complaints and the highest reliability score?

The most reliable year for Toyota Avalon is the 2017 model. This model has a reliability score that is close to perfection and way above average. , the reliability score of 2017 Toyota Avalon is four out of five, which is outstanding. 

Toyota Avalon is one of the best sedans available on the market. Although some model years may have a lower reliability score than others, they are all above average, and none are considered unreliable. 

Best Year for Toyota Avalon for Gas Mileage

Apart from being reliable and safe, Toyota Avalon has an excellent fuel economy, which is great because you save up even more money over the years of using this car. But, what year has the best fuel economy?

The best year for Toyota Avalon for gas mileage is the 2020 version. The 2020 Toyota Avalon has an EPA estimated 22mpg in the city and 32 on the highway for both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. 

When it comes to the Avalon hybrid, the EPA estimated 43 mpg in the city and 44mpg on the highway. So, all in all, they are a great vehicle to have. 

Does Toyota Avalon Hold Their Value?

If you plan on reselling your car in a few years, it would be best to do your research and find out if the vehicle will have a good resell value over the years, or in other words will it hold its initial value. 

Yes, Toyota Avalon does hold their value. The average price drop for a Toyota Avalon is 45% in the first five years; this, of course, goes for vehicles kept in good condition and that are accident-free. Also, it would be best if you had below 12,000miles per year spent to resell it for that amount. 

As you can see from the information above, you play a significant role in maintaining the value of your vehicle since the price drops more if you don’t take care of your car. 

How Much Is a Used Toyota Avalon?

Here are all the average prices listed for a used Toyota Avalon. 

YearAverage Price

Why Are Used Toyota Avalon So Expensive?

As we can see from the information above, Toyota Avalon is a very high-quality car; they are cars that you will enjoy owning and cruising around with. But, why are they so expensive?

Avalon is a vehicle made with top-notch materials and has a very luxurious feel. They are also very reliable and innovative, which makes the price of the vehicle a bit higher than its competitors. Still, with Avalon, you can rest assured that you will be paying for quality. 

They are prevalent on the market, allowing the owners to resell the car for a higher price and assured that they would sell it because of their high demand. 

Where to Buy a Used Toyota Avalon?

If you have decided and know what car you are going to buy, it would be best to know that you’d be buying it from a certified website, where you won’t get scammed. That’s why we are here to help. 

The best websites to buy your Toyota Avalon from are CarFax, CarMax, CarGurus, and Edmunds, these four websites are legit, and you can rest assured that they will sell you the most amazing Avalon’s. 

Now, let’s talk about some bad things you should be cautious about and that you may face when you own a Toyota Avalon. 

What Problems Does Toyota Avalon Have?

Here are some of the problems you may face while owning a Toyota Avalon. 

Speed Control Issues- This is a severe issue that should not be taken for granted. Some Toyota Avalon owners have reported having unintended acceleration, which is believed to be caused by stuck gas pedals or floor mats that are too adequately placed. This can cause severe damage to the car and injuries to the owner. For which reason, if you ever experience something like this, inform your mechanic. 

Dashboard Melting- This is a known issue happening to some Avalon’s that Toyota has solved. If you ever experience a problem like this, Toyota will repair it under warranty. 

Mold Smell Coming from the AC- This problem may happen if the blocking evaporator housing drain pipes. If you ever experience a problem like this, you could file a complaint, and Toyota will solve the problem for you. 

What Years Are Bad for Toyota Avalon?

Toyota tried to make a perfect model every year but has made some mistakes with Avalon, but still not many. So if you are wondering what is the worst year for Avalon, we’re about to tell you. 

The worst year for Toyota Avalon is the 2006 model year. Unfortunately, this is the year with the most complaints, and the problems you may face with it can be brutal. For example, some customers reported their engine breaking at just 60,000 miles, and to replace it; they had to pay around $2,600. 

You may face many other problems along the years of owning a 2006 Toyota Avalon, so be sure to avoid it at all costs.