Best Year For Toyota 4runner

Toyota 4runner is an SUV that has been around for four decades now, so it has had some time to prove its worth. It is an SUV loved and appreciated by many. But, when you decide to buy one, it would be best to know the best 4runner model year to go for. 

The best model year for Toyota 4runner is the 2017 Toyota 4runner. They are the most reliable vehicles. Although you can really trust any model of Toyota 4runner to do the job right, we recommend buying the 2017 model year.

Toyota 4runner

Now, let us help you find out all the details about Toyota 4runner before making your purchase. Keep on reading to know everything you need to know. 

Best Year for Used Toyota 4runner

Even though there is no better feeling than buying a new car, buying a used one can be just as great if you gather all the knowledge you need before your purchase because, after all, it will save you a good amount of money. 

The best year for a used Toyota 4runner is the 2017 model; this is the year with the best performance, and the greatest innovative features, still having a feel of a traditional Toyota 4runner. 2017 Toyota 4runner is a fantastic choice. 

It is a model year that has all in one, the innovative features of the newer versions, the traditional feel of the older ones, and a perfectly balanced price tag. 

Is It Worth Buying a Used Toyota 4runner?

Buying a used Toyota 4runner is an excellent choice, and not only can it save you up some money upfront and along the years of using it. Because if you buy a new car, the insurance companies will know that you are ready to pay any amount of money to have your car under insurance, but if it is bought used, the cost of your insurance will be lower. 

Yes, it is worth buying a used Toyota 4runner. They are safe, reliable, and have good longevity, so there is no mistake when getting a used Toyota 4runner, but you need to do your research. 

When buying a used vehicle, you need to look out for many things; you need to check if the vehicle was treated well and accident-free. If you have any doubts about yourself and think you can’t do that right, it would be best to take a mechanic with you. 

Is Toyota 4runner a Reliable Car?

As said above, the Toyota 4runner is an excellent choice; it is a vehicle that will last you a long time if treated well. A vehicle’s reliability score is significant, and it is based on the reports of the people that have used that vehicle before. 

Yes, the Toyota 4runner is a reliable car. Toyota 4runner has an excellent reliability score of four out of five. A reliability score above average keeps this car in 9th place out of 26 midsize SUVs. However, this is one of the best reliability scores out of all midsize SUVs. 

Of course, the reliability of one car depends not only on the manufacturer, you as the owner of the vehicle but also on maintaining the reliability score. 

What Year Is the Most Reliable Toyota 4runner?

For a vehicle to keep its reliability, you would have to treat it right and take good care of it, and it will serve you just as it should. 

The most reliable year for Toyota 4runner would be the 2019 version, with four out of five reliability scores and minor customer complaints over the last few years. 

The 2019 Toyota 4runner has a reliability score above average, and it is known to keep its owners very happy wishlist using the vehicle; of course, as said above, the car has to be adequately treated for it to be able to keep this reliability score. 

Best Year for Toyota 4runner for Gas Mileage

When getting a car, it is essential to get one with good fuel economy, and you can rely on your Toyota 4runner to do just what you need it to when it comes to gas. But, what is the best year for Toyota 4runner when it comes to gas?

The best year for Toyota 4runner for gas mileage is the 2021 Toyota 4runner, which has an EPA estimated 16mpg in the city, 19mpg on the highway, and 17mpg combined with regular gasoline. Thus, the average 4runner spends 5.9 gals per 100 miles. 

As you can see, you can rely on your 4runner to keep your pockets full and not empty because you spent all your money on gas. 

Do Toyota 4runner Hold Their Value?

Toyota 4runner has a very loyal base of customers, and it will never stop selling, which is an essential thing to know if you think that you will want to resell your Toyota 4runner after some years of using it. But, will you be able to resell it for a reasonable price?

Yes, Toyota 4runner does hold their value. The average price drop for a 4runner is 35% in the first five years, outstanding. This means that Toyota 4runner is very good at retaining its value over time and that you’d be able to resell it for a good amount of money. 

Of course, this price drop only goes for cars kept in good condition, are accident-free, and have less than 12,000 miles spent per year. 

How Much Is a Used Toyota 4runner?

Here are all the average prices listed for a Toyota 4runner. 

YearAverage Price

Why Are Used Toyota 4runner So Expensive?

Toyota 4runner has been around for many years now, earning the trust and love of many customers worldwide. And how else would Toyota achieve all that if not with the fantastic quality and time put into making the fantastic 4runner? 

The reason for Toyota 4runner having such a high price tag is because of its fantastic reliability, durability, and long lifespan. Toyota is loved by many worldwide, so if you want to sell a used Toyota 4runner that is in good condition, you can rest assured that you will sell it, even if you put a higher price on it. 

This fantastic vehicle is always looked for, so even if you’ve owned it for a long time now and it has a lot of miles on it, you’d be able to sell it in no time. 

Where to Buy a Used Toyota 4runner?

When you decide to spend your savings on buying a car, you better find a good retailer to sell you the car and someone who will not scam you. We here have some of the best websites you can buy your 4runner from. 

The best websites to buy a Toyota 4runner from are Edmunds, CarMax, CarFax, CarGurus. They are 100 percent legit websites that you can rely on, and be sure that they are not a scam. 

As said earlier, it would be best if you are not confident in your skills in deciding if the car is worth your money or not, to take a mechanic with you, because Toyota 4runner’s are a significant investment and the last thing you want is to buy one that is not worth your bucks. 

What Problems Does Toyota 4runner Have?

Here are some of the problems you may face along the years of owning a Toyota 4runner. 

Brake System Issues- Model years like 2017, 2015, and 2014 have reported having issues with their breaks; in detail, they have reported failure and locking up of their brakes. 

Airbag Problems- Toyota recalled more than 900,000 in 2019 to replace the airbags, one of the riskiest ones was the 2015 Toyota 4runner. This problem caused the airbags to go off when not needed or not deploy when in an accident. Ether way, this problem can cause injuries to the driver or passengers. 

Transmission Problems- Automatic transmission problems are well-known for the model years from ’90 until 2016. The owners have reported having their 4runner revert to manual shifting, won’t shift to drive when starting up, or it wouldn’t change to overdrive. In most cases, you will not need a total overhaul to solve this problem. 

Rust and Body Paint Problems- The problems with rust are most common with the 4th generation of 4runner. This can even cause your vehicle not to be safe to drive, so if you notice any rust, corrosion, or anything like that, better visit the mechanic as soon as possible. 

What Years Are Bad for Toyota 4runner?

Even if it is one of the highest quality vehicles available on the market, there have been some model years in Toyota 4runner’s 40 years of existence that have had the most problems, and we want to tell you what are they, so you’d be able to avoid them. 

The worst years for Toyota 4runner are the 2003, 2004, and 2005 model years which have had the most complaints by customers, and you should avoid buying them at all costs. So far, the worst one out of all is the 2003 model, but in general, none of the 4runners are that bad. 

With all the information gathered, contact your mechanic and get on buying your new or used Toyota 4runner. We hope that all the information we provided was helpful.