Best Year For Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia is a full-size SUV that started its journey in 2001 and has won the hearts of many along with its short existence. They are very reliable cars and great off-roaders to have, and they can also make great family cars. 

The best year for a used Toyota Sequoia is the 2019 model year, with a reliability score of 4.5 out of five and a critics’ rating of 7.2 out of 10. It also has an average price drop of 44% in the first five years, and EPA estimated 14mpg combined, 13mpg in the city, and 17mpg on the highway. This is a great car to buy, and it is worth your money given the features and reliability it offers.

Before your purchase, we suggest you read this article, so you would be ready to determine which vehicle is worth your money and which one is not. 

Best Year for Used Toyota Sequoia

If you are on a budget, buying an older model car saves you some money, but what is even better is buying it used. Used vehicles can feel just as good as the new ones if you know how to determine which one is worth your money. 

The best years for used Toyota Sequoia are from 2006 to 2009 model years. As said above, they are very reliable, and you can’t go wrong when choosing any of them. In addition, they have a 17 to 20 years life expectancy, and you can expect nothing less but excellent service from your Sequoia along those years. 

These model years have fantastic features, and even though they are considered some of the older model years, they have some innovative features that will surprise you. 

Is It Worth Buying a Used Toyota Sequoia?

Used cars are great to buy if you are in search of a money saver; however, some cars are really not worth the money, that’s why we wanted to tell you if Toyota Sequoia is worth your money. 

Yes, it is worth buying a used Toyota Sequoia. They would get more value and reliability if the previous owner treated the car in the right manner. They last a long time and give amazing service throughout the years of existence. 

Another great thing about buying used cars is that they get much lower insurance rates, so they don’t only save the money upfront, but they will also save up your money along the years of using it. 

Is Toyota Sequoia a Reliable Car?

Reliability score is determined by the comments and complaints of the car owners; that’s why it is great to know the reliability score of the car you are trying to buy before buying it. In this way, you will know if you will face a lot of problems when using the vehicle. 

Yes, Toyota Sequoia is a reliable car. The average reliability score for Toyota Sequoia is a four out of five, according to J.D. Power. These vehicles also have a quality rating of 84 out of 100 and a critics’ rating of 5.2 out of 10.

All in all, they are great vehicles to have, and you won’t face many problems over the years of using a Toyota Sequoia. 

What Year Is the Most Reliable Toyota Sequoia?

Toyota Sequoias have a great average reliability score, but it is also up to you to treat the car right so it won’t have too many problems. Otherwise, you can’t expect it to have the reliability score that we have talked about. 

The most reliable Toyota Sequoia is the 2019 Toyota Sequoia, with a 4.5 out of five reliability score. The critics’ rating of this car is 7.2 out of 10, making this car almost perfect. The problems you might face with it a minor and won’t cost you a lot. 

The reliability score of this car puts it in 8th place out of 32 for all car brands. But, as said, if you want the car to be reliable, you have to take care of it too. 

Best Year for Toyota Sequoia for Gas Mileage

If you are looking for a new car, the first thing you ask about is whether it has good fuel economy, because the last thing you would want is to spend all the money you just ended up saving because you bought a used vehicle on gas. 

The best year for Toyota Sequoia for gas mileage is the 2021 4WD with EPA estimated 14mpg combined, 13mpg in the city, and 17mpg on the highway. This is not the best EPA score, but they have to spend a bit more gas given its size. 

Toyota Sequoias are great vehicles to have, you won’t have a lot of spendings on its problems, but you might spend a bit more money on gas than what you expected. 

Does Toyota Sequoia Hold Their Value?

If you plan to resell the car you are planning to buy; it is important to know whether it will lose a lot of its value in your years of owning it. But you also play a big part in this. 

Yes, Toyota Sequoia does hold its value. The average price drop for a Toyota Sequoia is 44% in the first five years. This is a great price drop, and it keeps Sequoia amongst the best cars in this group. 

However, this price drop goes only for vehicles in good condition, that are accident free, and averaging 12,000 miles per year. 

How Much Is a Used Toyota Sequoia?

Here are all the average prices you can expect to pay for a used Toyota Sequoia. 

YearAverage Price

Why Are Used Toyota Sequoia So Expensive?

If you are looking into buying a good quality car, you have to be ready to pay some extra money for it. At times, the more expensive vehicles pay off since you will be paying for their reliability and high quality. 

The reason why Toyota Sequoias are so expensive is their high reliability. Their fuel economy might not be the best, but it is normal given their size. Also, they have a V8 engine, which also adds to their price since you won’t be able to find an excellent V8 vehicle for less than $50,000. 

They might be pricier, but they are definitely worth the money since you will be paying for their safety and reliability. 

Where to Buy a Used Toyota Sequoia?

Where to buy a vehicle is also a hard thing to decide on, since if you don’t have experience with it, you might get scammed by some retailers, that’s why we wanted to help you on this quest. 

The best websites to buy your Toyota Sequoia from are Edmunds, CarMax and CarGurus. They are legit websites with some of the best vehicles with amazing prices available on the market. 

Suppose you don’t feel confident in your skills in determining which vehicle is worth your money and which one will have some problems in the future. In that case, we suggest taking a mechanic on your quest to find the perfect Toyota Sequoia. 

What Problems Does Toyota Sequoia Have?

Here are some of the problems you might face while owning a used Toyota Sequoia. 

Transmission Failure- The transmission is one of the main parts of a vehicle, so when your car has a problem, you can expect to spend a load of money on fixing it. The 2002 Sequoia is the one with the most complaints about it, and the average repair cost was $3,510. Unfortunately, the only solution to this car’s problem is replacing the transmission, so avoid this model year at all cost. 

VSC Traction Control- The most common problem that the 2001 Sequoia faced was the VSC traction control system engaging for no reason. Owners reported that this happened when they were driving at high speed; the vehicle would shake or shift to the right. The worst of all is that there is no solution to this problem, and it is a very dangerous problem, so we do suggest avoiding this model year at all costs too. 

VSC Traction Light Comes On- This problem happened mostly to the 2003 model year, and the repair for it cost around $1,120 to repair, which is also very expensive, and the problem happens at around 78,000 miles. 

What Years Are Bad for Toyota Sequoia?

Even though Toyota Sequoia is a good full-size SUV and family-friendly, some years are not. And as we saw from the previous paragraphs, most problems happened in the beginning for Sequoia, so there are some years that should be avoided. 

The bad Years for Toyota Sequoias are 2001, 2002, and 2003 model years. They are the first years of Toyota Sequoia’s production, and they have had the most complaints. Not only that but, the complaints and problems they’ve had have been very expensive to fix. 

The title of the Sequoia with the most problems takes the 2002 model year. But luckily, we have the newer and more reliable generations of Sequoia to look forward to.