Best Year For Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla, an outstanding vehicle that has been around for more than half of a century, winning the hearts of many. If you are looking for a family car, Toyota Corolla might be the right choice for you. But, with so many model years to choose from, which one is the best?

The best year for Toyota Corolla is the 2014 model year; this is also the most loved model year. This version of Corolla will keep you updated with the new and innovative safety features but still feel that original Toyota Corolla.

Toyota Corolla

Now, if you are ready to find out everything you need to know about Toyota Corolla, keep on reading because we are about to prepare you for your purchase. 

Best Year for Used Toyota Corolla

When you need to save up some money on your car purchase and your budget is limited, your best option would be to buy a used car, and this can most certainly save you up a few thousands of dollars, not only with the initial purchase but also along the years of using the vehicle. 

If you are bawling on a budget and looking for a cheaper car, your best option would be to go for any Toyota Corolla between 2004 and 2009, reliable and safe versions of this car, which are also a lot cheaper than the newer versions. 

As said above, used cars don’t save up the money only with your purchase, but they also save up a lot on your insurance money since your insurance rate will be much lower than if you purchase a new vehicle. 

Is It Worth Buying a Used Toyota Corolla?

Buying a used car can be money-saving, but if you don’t have much experience with buying used cars, it can turn out to be more expensive than you initially thought; and that’s for one simple reason, the person using the car before you didn’t treat it as well as it should and you didn’t know how to distinguish that. But, is it even worth buying a used Toyota Corolla. 

Yes, Toyota Corolla is worth buying used. This vehicle is well-known for used car purchases because of its outstanding durability, reliability, and comfort. However, if you do know how to tell the difference between a Corolla that’s worth your money or not, you can get one for a lot less money than when bought new, but in excellent condition. 

So, if you don’t know how to tell the difference between a good and bad vehicle, we always suggest taking a mechanic with you along your purchase, and we will determine if the vehicle is worth your money or not. 

Is Toyota Corolla a Reliable Car?

A vehicle’s reliability score before purchasing it is of utmost importance since you want a car that will not break all the time and that you can trust to go on longer trips with. Especially if you are in search of a family car, reliability is paramount. 

Yes, Toyota Corolla is a reliable car. Toyota Corolla has always been known for its outstanding reliability. It is a car loved by most of its users, and it has an almost perfect reliability score of 4.5 out of 5. 

This fantastic score puts Toyota Corolla in 1st place out of 36 compact cars regarding reliability. Corolla also has an annual repair cost of just $362, and any significant issues are uncommon for this vehicle. 

What Year Is the Most Reliable Toyota Corolla?

Reliability is an important aspect to look at when buying a car. Still, you have to keep in mind that the reliability of your vehicle is also very subjective, which means that if you don’t keep your car in good condition and mistreat it, you can’t expect it to be as reliable as it should. 

The most reliable Toyota Corolla model year is the 2013 Corolla, which has a reliability score of five out of five. Outstanding right? This is one of the compact cars with minor complaints from the customers, it is exceptionally safe and makes it a perfect family car. 

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety did tests on Corolla and gave it the highest safety score. So if you treat your Corolla right, you can expect it to last you for many years, and along with your years of using it, you won’t have to pay much for its maintenance.  

Best Year for Toyota Corolla for Gas Mileage

Your car must have good fuel economy to know that you won’t spend too much money on gas. For example, Toyota Corollas are generally great on gas, and you can rely on them when it comes to fuel economy. But, what year of Corolla is best for gas?

The best years for Toyota Corolla for gas mileage are model years from 2011-2013. Apart from being very affordable, these cars have a great fuel economy. Their EPA estimated 27mpg in the city and 34mpg on the highway. 

All in all, Toyota Corolla are great cars to have; they are safe, dependable, and won’t cost a lot along the years of use, but are they good at holding their value?

Does Toyota Corolla Hold Their Value?

When you plan on reselling and buying a new car in a few years, it is important to know that you will be able to resell it for a good amount of money and that the car won’t lose too much of its value. 

Yes, Toyota Corolla is known for being very good at holding its value. For example, the average price drop for a Toyota Corolla will be around 36% which is a price drop that’s below average. So Corolla is better than most of its competitors in holding its value. 

But, just like with reliability, for a car to hold its value, it must be treated well. Therefore, this depreciation only goes for vehicles with less than 12,000 miles spent per year and is accident-free. 

How Much Is a Used Toyota Corolla?

Here are the average prices for a used Toyota Corolla. 

YearAverage Price

Why Are Used Toyota Corolla So Expensive?

Toyota Corollas, as said before, have been around for many years, and they have earned their respect from the customers. But, some people may consider them a bit pricier, why is that?

The reason for a high price tag on a used Toyota Corolla is their high reliability and their fantastic fuel economy. The higher the demand is for a vehicle, the more likely it is for the price to go up, and that’s just the reason for their higher price tag. 

But, if you search for a good, safe, and dependable car, you have to be ready to pay some extra money for it. 

Where to Buy a Used Toyota Corolla?

One of the most important things when buying a car is finding a good store to buy it from, and with so many car retailers on the market, it can be challenging for some to choose the right one. 

You can buy your Toyota Corolla from the best websites from CarMax, CarFax, CarGurus, and Edmunds. They are 100% legit websites that won’t scam you, and you’d be safe to spend your money on a car purchase on these websites. 

But, as said before, have a mechanic look at the car you want to buy if you are not confident in buying one by yourself. 

What Problems Does Toyota Corolla Have?

Here are some of the problems you may face when using a Toyota Corolla.

Daytime Running Light Problems- Many people face problems with the daytime running lights, which are supposed to dimly illuminate the vehicle’s headlights. Some problems people have encountered are the lights flickering or dying, the lights not turning off when the car is off, and the lights turning on at random times, which drains the battery. To repair this, it can cost you anywhere from $94 to $114. 

The Car not Cranking- Many owners have experienced their Corolla’s engine cranking at around 100,000 miles. In most cases, this problem includes a problem with a starter that needs to be replaced, and it can cost you about $284 to $496 to do so. 

Mass Airflow Sensor Problems- This is one of the pricier problems you can face with your Corolla. You can notice this problem if the check engine light is turned on or the acceleration is slow. The problem is that the sensor usually needs to be cleaned or entirely replaced. This can cost you around $251 to $351. 

What Years Are Bad for Toyota Corolla?

And just like with any car manufacturer, Toyota has done some bad years of Corolla, and we are here to tell you what years you should avoid when it comes to it. 

The bad years for Toyota Corolla are 2000-2003, 2009, and 2014. These have the most complaints from their users, and the most common problem users have faced excessive oil usage. 

Now that you know what years to avoid and what to look for in a Corolla, you are ready to get your hands on one.