Can You Lease a Used Honda?

Leasing pre-owned cars is becoming more popular among drivers, and Honda models have become some of the most sought-after ones. But can you lease a used Honda?

Yes, you can lease a used Honda. If you wish for the Honda-backed-up warranty and guaranteed vehicle quality, try the HondaTrue Certified program. Contact or visit local authorized dealerships and inform yourself about their offers.

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Do you want to find out more about this possibility? Here is all you should know.

Yes, Leasing a Used Honda Is Possible – But How to Do So?

One of the most awarded car brands in 2021, Honda offers to lease a pre-owned vehicle. Honda’s safety, reliability, durability, and quality performance make this brand a dream come true. But is leasing a second-hand car a good idea?

It can be an excellent solution for all those struggling financially, under the condition the car is appropriately inspected and you’re familiar with the inspection results. The only way you can be utterly sure that you’re getting a problem-free car is to opt for one of the certified pre-owned (CPO) Honda models.

Many car brands decided to go with the CPO program and help the clients get the desired auto, but few can compare to what Honda offers. Keep in mind that on the multi-point car inspection, pre-owned Honda must have 182 points before being leased – and you can see the result of the examination. All parts must work exceptionally before the car is presented to you.

A safe car is one of the essential preconditions of safe driving, and with CPO Honda, you’ll make no mistake.

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Get in Touch With Authorized Dealership Service

The only way you can get a CPO Honda from an independent dealer is if some previous customers have traded it there for some other model. You would need to visit an authorized shop and ask for available models and certified programs.

As for Honda’s CPO program, it was rebranded as HondaTrue Certified, with several different levels. You can see what to expect from each tier separately in the table below, so choose a level that suits you the best.

Honda True Certified (2021-2022)Honda True Certified (2017-2022)HondaTrue Used (2012-2022)Used (2011-2022)
Powertrain coverageFor 7 years / 100,00 milesFor 7 years / 100,00 miles100 days / 5,000 milesDepending on the dealer
Non-powertrain coverageFor five year / 86,000 milesFor 4 years / 48,000 miles100 days / 5,000 milesDepending on the dealer
Roadside assistance serviceYesYesYesNo
Oil changeTwo free oil changes within the first yearTwo free oil changes within the first yearOne free oil change within the first yearNo
3-day exchange policyYesYesYesNo
Honda CareCan be purchasedCan be purchasedCan be purchasedCan be purchased
Trip interruptionYesYesYesNo
Concierge serviceYesYesYesNo
SiriusXMFor first three monthsFor first three monthsFor first three monthsNo

Pros and Cons of Leasing a Pre-Owned Car

Like all things in life, using a pre-owned car has both benefits and disadvantages. The most obvious reason to opt for this step is a financial one.

Besides lower down payments (if any) lower costs of a second-hand vehicle, pre-owned cars enable you to count on lower insurance expenses – the value of your car determines insurance costs, and pre-owned automobiles have a lower value than new ones.

Whether you need to save up money for other monthly installments or just don’t want to cash out a lot, using a pre-owned car is a good solution. That being said, keep in mind that second-hand vehicles often come with significantly higher interest rates.

Although a new car can provide you with maximum safety, you’ll come really close to that kind of security if you decide to go with the CPO Honda model. Not only will your car be among newer models, but there is also a certain mileage limit for CPO vehicles. Older models and those with bigger mileage tend to be less safe, but with the CPO program, you don’t have to worry about that.

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Should You Lease a New or a Pre-Owned Auto?

Since the process of leasing a new and pre-owned car is very much alike, you’ll meet similar limitations with both. For example, you must follow a wear-and-and tear policy and a specific mileage limit you shouldn’t pass. If you do so, you’ll be faced with additional costs. The most evident con, of course, is that with a leased car, the ownership will never be truly yours.

So, what should you decide? The answer to this question lies solely in your current financial situation and lifestyle preferences. However, if leasing a new car is out of the picture, ensure you go with the next best thing – a HondaTrue Certified car.

More FAQs About Leasing Pre-Owned Car, If You’re Interested In It

If you’re considering getting a second-hand Honda and wish to know more about it, take a look at FAQs and get answers:

  • How much does a pre-owned Honda cost? The answer depends on many different factors, such as the model (leasing Honda Civic or Honda Accord is not the same,) year, or even the specific shop.
  • Why are pre-owned Hondas cheaper? The lease price is determined based on the difference between initial and residual value. The value of pre-owned vehicles decreases much slower, which affects the price.
  • What are your options when the lease ends? As with the new automobiles, you can decide to buy a vehicle, trade it or simply return it to the dealership service and move on.
  • Do you have to pay taxes if you choose this option? No, since to lease doesn’t mean to buy a pre-owned car, there will be no sales tax to be paid.
  • Can you negotiate the offer? Of course, when you contact the service, the initial offer is not set in stone. You can even get a pre-owned Honda for less if you show some negotiating skill.
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Keep This Option in Mind When You Go Car Shopping

Due to the current economic situation, leasing a second-hand car has become more and more popular over the years. The pandemic outbreak, financial difficulties, lost jobs, and reduced salaries didn’t help the matter.

Luckily, there is an option that will enable you to have a reliable car with great performance for a much lower price. If that sounds tempting enough, contact Honda dealerships close to you and get informed about their offers.