Best Year For Nissan Frontier

This mid-size pickup truck has been around ever since the late 90s, and in those years, it has won the hearts of many. When the car was first released, MotorWeek said this is a car for ‘budget-minded people, who use their trucks, and this statement is very much true. But, what is the best year for Nissan Frontier?

The 2013 Nissan Frontier is widely considered to be the best year for a used Nissan Frontier. With an impressive reliability score of four out of five, and an average price drop of 38% in the first five years, the 2013 model is an excellent and affordable choice for used car buyers. It also provides great gas mileage with an EPA estimated 17mpg in the city, 22mpg on the highway, and 19mpg combined for the 2L, 2WD version.

Nissan Frontier

Not, let’s get in dept about this fantastic pickup truck, and let us tell you all you need to know before purchasing a Nissan Frontier. 

Best Year for Used Nissan Frontier

Buying a used car is a great option; not only will it save you up some money upfront, but you will also be able to save up some money for insurance. But when you decide on buying a used car, it is essential to know what model year should you go for. 

The best year for used Nissan Frontier is the 2013 version, which is the most dependable out of all the Frontiers. They had the least complaints, and trust us; you won’t go wrong if you choose the 2013 model year. 

Now, let’s talk more about why is Nissan Frontier is a good vehicle for you and all the things you should look out for. 

Is It Worth Buying a Used Nissan Frontier?

With so many pickup trucks available on the market, it is hard to know which one is worth your bucks. Nissan Frontier is not the most loved pickup truck by critics, but that does not mean that they are not worth buying. 

Buying a used Nissan Frontier is definitely worth it. Not only will you be saving up a lot of money with this purchase, but these pickup trucks are also very dependable and will make you feel safe along your journeys. 

If you are looking for a good and affordable pickup truck, Nissan Frontier is an amazing car to go for. But are they reliable?

Is Nissan Frontier a Reliable Car?

Nissan Frontier has had many years to earn the trust of its customers, and it has done a great job doing so. The reliability of the car is a very relative factor; if appropriately treated, almost every car can be reliable. 

Yes, Nissan Frontier is a reliable car. Its reliability score is four out of five, which is a great reliability score. These pickup trucks will last you a long time, and not only that, but you will also feel super safe when driving your Nissan Frontier. 

But to get the most of Nissan Fortier’s reliability, you will have to take care of the car because if you don’t, you might even get some unexpected problems. If you do, on the other hand, this pickup truck will be a good option for any field. 

What Year Is the Most Reliable Nissan Frontier?

Although Nissan Frontier is a reliable truck in general, some years should be avoided. There have been good years and bad ones in its long existence, and here are some of the most reliable years of Frontier. 

The most reliable year of Nissan Frontier is the 2013 and 2014 models; they have the least problems and the ones that satisfied its users most. But, of course, even the most reliable cars have to be well maintained. 

These are the safest vehicles that can be driven in any field. Nissan Frontier 2013 and 2014 are especially safe because of their side airbags and curtain airbags. In addition, they are incredibly stable vehicles and can endure anything. 

Best Year for Nissan Frontier for Gas Mileage

If you don’t want to spend the money you saved up from buying a used car on gas, then it is important to purchase a car with good fuel economy. Nissan Frontier is a good choice, but what year of Nissan Frontier is best on gas?

The best year for Nissan Frontier for gas mileage is the 2019 version with a 2L, 2WD. It has an EPA estimated of 17mpg in the city, 22mpg on the highway, and 19mpg combined. Its 4WD version is even better, with an EPA estimated 15mpg in the city, 21mpg on the highway, and 17mpg combined. 

When it comes to gas Nissan Frontier won’t disappoint you, and we can guarantee you that. But, let’s find out how good they are at holding their value. 

Do Nissan Frontier Hold Their Value?

If you decide on reselling your car in a few years, it would be good to know if your car did an excellent job in holding its value, so you will be able to resell it for a reasonable price. Nissan Frontiers are so far doing a great job in doing so. 

Yes, Nissan Frontier is good at holding its value. The average price drop of a Nissan Frontier in the first five years is 38% which is below average for pickup trucks; Nissan Frontier is excellent in holding its value. 

This price drop goes for vehicles that have no more than 12,000 miles per year and are kept in good condition and accident-free. So yes, you will have to keep your car in good condition and won’t be able to use it and abuse it and resell it for the same price as if you were taking well care of it. 

How Much Is a Used Nissan Frontier?

You can find all the average prices for a used Nissan Frontier listed below. 

YearAverage Price

Why Are Used Nissan Frontier So Expensive?

If you want to look for a cheaper mid-size pickup truck, you can go for Frontier starting years, when it used to be an affordable pickup truck, but in the last decade, things have changed, and Frontier has gotten more expensive. Let’s find out why. 

Nissan Frontier is so expensive because of the updates and new features that they have put in their trucks in the last few years. Nissan has made an effort to create an innovative and futuristic pickup truck, especially in recent years. 

Many things have changed since the beginning of Frontier’s existence, and that is the main reason why it has gotten so expensive. But, we guarantee you they are worth paying some extra money for.

Where to Buy a Used Nissan Frontier?

Buying a car is not a small purchase, and the worst thing that could happen is being scammed when buying it. That is why it would be best for you to go to a certified car dealer or purchase your vehicle off of a legit website. Let us tell you about some of them.

The best websites you could buy a used Nissan Frontier from are CarMax, Edmunds, and CarGurus. They are all certified car dealership websites, and we assure you that there will be no chance you could get scammed when buying your vehicle off of one of them. 

An important thing you should always do when buying a used car has a mechanic look at it and tell you if that is a good car to purchase because, at times, we can not see some faults in that professional’s car. 

What Problems Does Nissan Frontier Have?

Here are some of the problems you can expect to face when owning a Nissan Frontier. 

Engine Issues- If you purchase the 2012 or 2016 models, you might face engine issues, especially as the car gets older. Some owners have reported their trucks accelerating even when they are in parking mode. This can be a major issue; that’s why we recommend avoiding their model years. 

Paint Issues- Even though there might be far more dangerous issues than this, it will also give you a headache. Many owners have reported paint chipping of their trucks, even when they are bought new. 

Transmission Problems- These problems can most commonly be faced if you own any Frontier from the year 2005 to 2008. Some of the owners reported their transmission failing, and when the transmission fails, the engine goes with it. 

What Years Are Bad for Nissan Frontier?

As we all know, the perfect car is yet to be invented. And in its long existence, Nissan has also made some mistakes with Frontier. That is why we want to tell you all the years of Frontier that should be avoided at all costs. 

If you decided to buy this pickup truck, it would be best to avoid the years 2005 to 2008. These are the years with the most complaints reported, and also years with the most severe problems. So, we recommend avoiding these model years. 

With all the information we have given you, you are ready to buy your new Nissan Frontier, so get on to it.