Best Year for Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you are in search of a good SUV, you are in the right spot because Jeep Grand Cherokee is not a favorite amongst many by mistake. However, it is the perfect off-road vehicle while still being a great family car if you still need it to be. 

The best year for Jeep Grand Cherokee is the 2010 version. The 2010 Jeep Cherokee is a very reliable SUV with many advantages compared to the other years of Cherokee that Jeep produced. Some other years that are very reliable are 2009, 2015, and 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Now, if you are ready to find out everything you need to know about Cherokee, we’ve got you covered. So keep on reading, because we are about to tell you everything you need to know before your purchase. 

Best Year for Used Jeep Grand Cherokee 

Buying a used car is also a fantastic option, and it saves you up lots of money. But, on the other hand, you need to be more informed and know what to look for in a car, and where to check for faults in used cars. You need to know if the previous owner treated the vehicle appropriately. 

The best year for a used Jeep Grand Cherokee is 2010, which is the version of this SUV that will offer the most safety and comfort, and what’s even better, it has a reasonable price tag. The 2010 Grand Cherokee is a stylish and modern yet affordable version of Cherokee. 

The 2010 Grand Cherokee offers the best off-road experience and a smooth ride on the highway, it is a good family car, as said above, and it will really serve its purpose. 

Is It Worth Buying a Used Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Buying a car can be difficult; deciding on what car to buy first and then deciding on whether you should buy a new car or a used one can also be challenging. Therefore, it is essential to know if the vehicle will be worth the money you are ready to spend. 

Yes, it is worth buying a used Jeep Grand Cherokee. This vehicle is one of the best off-road vehicles available on the market, and it is worth every buck. It is made with high-quality materials and a good engine. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee is a fan favorite, and it’s luxury and safety features will be something that will amaze you. There is no car better than Jeep Grand Cherokee in its league. 

Is Jeep Grand Cherokee a Reliable Car?

The car’s reliability is essential because it is important to know you won’t spend too much money on its issues and use it in any given situation when you buy a car. Reliability scores are given based on customer’s reports and based on the performance of the vehicle. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee is a reliable car. This is a car you can really feel safe in and depend on to do the right task. They have an excellent reliability score and have not had many reports over the last few years. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2021 has a reliability score of 91 out of 100 based on the J.D. Power reports. They have an almost perfect reliability score, which means they are worth the money. Now which Jeep Grand Cherokee model has the best reliability score?

What Year Is the Most Reliable Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The car’s reliability will also depend on the car’s condition, so it is essential that when you purchase a used vehicle, you look out if the previous owner has had some accidents with it or some other significant problems. 

The most reliable years for Jeep Grand Cherokee will be any year from 2016 to 2021 based on customer reports and J.D. Power. They are great cars to buy and an excellent investment. If you treat your Grand Cherokee right, it will probably be the best car you’ve owned. 

From 2016 till now, Grand Cherokee has implemented many new safety features, making you feel extra protected during your rides. That is one more reason why these cars are great family cars to have. 

Best Year for Jeep Grand Cherokee for Gas Mileage

Cars that are good on gas mileage are suitable for your pocket. That’s why this is an important feature that you should look out for when buying a car. So now, let’s find out which Jeep Grand Cherokee is good on gas. 

The best year for Jeep Grand Cherokee for gas mileage is the 2019 Cherokee. The two-wheel-drive EPA estimated for this vehicle is 19mpg in the city, 26mpg on the highway, and 21mpg combined. As for the four-wheel-drive, the EPA estimated is 21mpg in the city, 28 on the highway, and 24 combined. 

Its size and features have a very low gas mileage, which means that it will save you up a lot of money compared to its competitors. 

Do Jeep Grand Cherokee Hold Their Value?

If you plan on reselling your car in the future, it is essential to know if it is good in holding its value. Although, of course, your Jeep Grand Cherokee won’t hold its value on its own, you play a significant role in holding its value by maintaining the car. 

The average price drop for a Jeep Grand Cherokee is 51% in the first five years. This is an average price drop, which means that Jeep Grand Cherokee does a pretty good job in holding its value if it is in good condition. 

This price drop stands for vehicles that have had 12,000 miles per year and have been maintained well, and have not had any accidents. 

How Much Is a Used Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Here are all the prices listed for a used Jeep Grand Cherokee.

YearAverage Price

Why Are Used Jeep Grand Cherokee So Expensive?

Jeep Grand Cherokee has been around for many years now, and it has earned the respect of its customers. It is one of the best SUVs available on the market, perfect for anyone looking for an SUV, it is very versatile and can fit anyone’s needs. 

One of the main reasons Jeep Grand Cherokee is so expensive is the high demand for them, and with not so many of them being available at all times, the price is going higher. However, they are very high-quality SUVs, and it’s no wonder people are in love with them. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee is also the only SUV with a V8 and diesel option available, making them even more desirable. So if you are ready to spend some extra bucks, Grand Cherokee is a great vehicle to have. 

Where to Buy a Used Jeep Grand Cherokee?

There are many options for where you can buy a used Jeep Grand Cherokee; that’s why it can be a bit daunting to choose an adequate website and be sure that it is not a scam. But we’ve got you covered. 

The best websites where you can buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee are CarFax, CarMax, CarGurus, and Edmunds. They are all legit, and you can be assured that you won’t get scammed if you purchase your vehicle from one of them. 

You can also visit Sunset Ford, where you can find many used vehicles, including the amazing Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

What Problems Do Jeep Grand Cherokee Have?

Here are the most common problems people have had with their Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Electronic Shifting- The 2016 model of Jeep Grand Cherokee had almost 32,000 reported transmission problems caused by a loose electrical connection. This is a hazardous problem and should be fixed as soon as noticed before it causes any accidents.

Ignition Switch Problem- The faulty ignition switch turned off or in accessory position with the slightest contact with the drives knee while driving. This problem can only be solved by replacing the ignition switch, which can cost you anywhere from $15 to $100. Precaution measures should be taken until the ignition switch is replaced. 

Engine Stalling- Models from 2011 to 2013 are known to have engine problems caused by a faulty fuel pump. For this problem to be solved, it has to include replacing a fuel pump and wire harness before it causes any accidents. 

What Years Are Bad for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Every car has bad and good years, and just like that, Jeep Grand Cherokee had some bad years. So we are here to tell you all the years of Cherokee you should avoid. 

The bad years for Jeep Grand Cherokee are the 2011 and 2014 versions, which have had the most complaint reports and should be avoided at any cost. 

You have all the information you need to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee in your hands, now get to buying the car of your dreams.