Best Year For Chevy Traverse

If you are looking for a car that can fit all the members of your big family, then we are here to tell you all about the Chevrolet Traverse. It is a very convenient full-size crossover that will serve its purpose. But, it’s always hard to pick the best year; that’s why we are here to help you. 

The best year for Chevy Traverse is the 2015 Chevy Traverse. The Parents Magazine and have voted this car out as the best family car on the market. So 2015 was a good year for Chevy Traverse.

Chevy Traverse

But, now, before buying the car, make sure to read the whole article so you would know everything you need to before purchasing the Chevy Traverse. 

Best Year for Used Chevy Traverse

Buying a used car has many benefits, and we are here to talk about all of them. Chevrolet has released many good and bad versions of Traverse, that is why it is essential to know which one of them might be the best. 

The best year for used Chevy Traverse is 2015. In 2015 Chevrolet did a lot to make the car’s design more appealing and intimidating; they also added many colors for you to choose from. If you are looking for an excellent full-size crossover, you won’t make any mistakes with the 2015 version of Chevy Traverse. 

With the 2015 version, Chevrolet also added the Siri Eyes Free technology, which gives you the option of connecting your car to your phone without compromising safety. 

Is It Worth Buying a Used Chevy Traverse?

Buying a car is a significant investment, and it is essential to consider all aspects; that is why we have to take buying a used car into consideration. 

No, it is not worth buying a used Chevy Traverse. Based on the research done by iSeeCars, Chevy Traverse is a car that is best when purchased new since it can lose a lot of its value when a few years pass. 

However, if you are not thinking about reselling your car, maybe buying a used Chevy Traverse would be best because when doing so, you will be saving lots of insurance money and money used to buy the car. 

Is Chevy Traverse a Reliable Car?

Reliability is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying new wheels; that is why we are about to tell you all about Chevy Traverse’s reliability. 

Chevy Traverse is a reliable car. Chevy Traverse ranks 3.0 out of 5.0 on reliability when it comes to midsize SUVs, which puts it in 22nd place out of 26 midsize SUVs. 

The annual cost for Chevy Traverse on average is $656, which is an average ownership cost. But, when it comes to the car’s issues, they are more likely to be severe. 

What Year Is the Most Reliable Chevy Traverse?

When it comes to reliability, Chevrolet has had some hits and misses with Traverse, for which reason it is important to know which ones to avoid and which years would be best to buy. 

The most reliable year for Chevy Traverse is, by all means, the 2013 versions or newer. However, don’t take modern technology for granted because Chevrolet has worked on making the best stylish SUV for its customers ever since 2013. 

Connecting to your mobile phone while driving might not be necessary to you, but that is not all that modern generations have in store for you. We are looking at a much larger reliability score if considering buying a newer version of Chevy Traverse. 

Best Year for Chevy Traverse for Gas Mileage

You definitely don’t want to buy a cheap car and realize that the expenses for it are larger than what you had expected. 

The best year for Chevy Traverse for gas mileage is the 2021 version. This midsize SUV has an average spend for gas, 18mpg in the city, and 27mpg on the highway when it’s equipped for a front-wheel drive. 

It spends 17mpg in the city and 25mpg on the highway when it comes to AWD. 

Do Chevy Traverse Hold Their Value?

For all of us, who are not ready to stick to only one car for the rest of our life, it is important how good is a car you consider buying at holding its value. 

Chevy Traverse’s price will depreciate 53% in the first five years, which is an average depreciation for a car. 

A car will depreciate the most in the first five years, and after that, it will hold its value for a more extended period of time.

How Much Is a Used Chevy Traverse?

We here have all the average prices of used Chevy Traverse listed for you. Read on to find out more. 

YearAverage price

Why Are Used Chevy Traverse So Expensive?

We all know that high-quality cars can not have a low price; that is why you can expect to pay a bit more money for a Chevy Traverse. 

The high demand for a used Chevy Traverse is one more reason why their prices are so high; all the sellers know that people are ready to pay a high price just to get their hands on their used Chevy Traverse. 

Even though you will be spending a bit more money than on an average full-size crossover, you can rest assure that you won’t be making a mistake in doing so since the Traverse is a reliable car that will hold its value and serve its purpose. 

Where To Buy a Used Chevy Traverse?

There are many car dealership companies where you can buy a used Chevy Traverse, but it is important to know which one is not a scam and safe. 

The best place to buy a used Chevy Traverse is Sunrise Chevrolet if you prefer going to the shop and buying your car. 

If you don’t mind buying your Chevy Traverse off the internet, we recommend looking at some websites, and they are CarFax, CarMax, and CarGurus. 

What Problems Does Chevy Traverse Have?

Here are some of the problems Chevy Traverse may have, divided by the year of production. 

2011- Engine failure, reduced engine power, and engine shutting off while driving. This will cost its owner more than expected, and it requires the replacement of the engine, which can cost up to $5,000. 

2012-Reduced power in the engine, and engine light coming on.

2013- steering wheel locking and loss of engine power.

2014- seatbelt and airbag problems.

2015-This year for Traverse had fewer engine problems than the previous ones, but there were still a few, like the engine light coming on.

2016-This year had seat belt problems, where the front seatbelts wouldn’t come on. 

2017-The 2017 version had problems with the seatbelts, backup camera, and loud noises from power steering. 

2018-present- These four years of Traverse don’t have as many problems, but their engine power is still, in some cases, reduced. 

What Years Are Bad for Chevy Traverse?

Knowing what years of production to avoid when it comes to buying your car is of utmost importance, and we are here to save you some time and tell you what year of Traverse to avoid. 

The worst year for Chevy Traverse is definitely the 2011 version. This is the year when Traverse had the most reports about its engine not working correctly. 

One of the milder problems its engine had its that it was stalling while it was on the road.