Why Are Ceramic Brake Pads Bad?

When it comes to brake pads, the most common material used is Ceramic pads. Ceramic brake pads have been around for a long time and work plainly well. But car owners have often seen complaining about the quality of ceramic brake pads.

Nowadays car owners often ask: Why are ceramic brake pads bad? Ceramic brake pads are considered bad because they have a limited life span than other alternatives. Ceramic brake pads are very sensitive and under certain weather conditions, they wear down very quickly.

Ceramic brake pads are made out of carbon, metal, aluminum oxide, and ceramic material. The ceramic material is the key to making them wear quickly. The aluminum oxide and metal create a strong bond with the brake rotor, but the carbon creates small particles that basically sand the rotor.

Regular brake pads usually last for up to 50,000 miles while ceramic ones only last half of that.

What Are the Best Alternatives to Ceramic Brake Pads and Why?

So, if you had a bad experience with ceramic brake pads, you should not worry. There are alternative options to ceramic brake pads.

Following table talks about the best alternatives to Ceramic Brake Pads:

Semi-metallic brake padsSemi-metallic brake pads are made of metal and other materials, which makes them last longer than ceramic brake pads. They also work well in different weather conditions.
Organic brake padsOrganic brake pads are made of fibrous materials and they work great in wet weather conditions.
Carbon-based brake padsCarbon-based brake pads are made of carbon fibers and they are known to last the longest.
 Resin brake pads Resin brake pads are made of fiberglass and they provide high performance.

How to Maintain Ceramic Brake Pads To  Make Them Last Longer

If you have ceramic brake pads and are not in a position to invest in other options, you should maintain them to make sure they last longer.

Following are the tips to maintain ceramic brake pads:

  • Keep your car clean. This will help keep the brake pads and rotors clean. 
  • Avoid braking hard. This will help keep the brake pads from wearing down too quickly.
  • Check your brake fluid levels often. Low brake fluid levels may make the brake pads wear down more quickly.
  • Avoid driving in harsh weather conditions if possible. This will help prevent the ceramic brake pads from wearing down too quickly. 
  • Use your brakes gently. This will help keep the brake pads from wearing down too quickly.
  • Avoid hitting the brakes at high speeds.
  • Take your car to a mechanic for regular maintenance. This will help ensure that the brake pads are in good condition.


In the end, still, some car owners find ceramic brake pads reasonable to some extent. But if you didn’t have good experience with ceramic and are looking for a brake pad that will last a little longer than ceramic pads, any of the above-mentioned alternatives are perfect for you. 

So, if you are not comfortable with ceramic brake pads, do not hesitate to go for other options.