Where Can I Use Synchrony Car Care

Synchrony Car Care is a credit card that allows you to pay for car repairs and maintenance as well as purchase gas and other car features people need. If you are an owner of this card, you probably ask yourself a question “where can I use synchrony car care?”. The answer to this and other questions regarding this card’s functions and qualities will be presented in the following lines.

All users of Synchrony Car Care credit cards can use the card at more than 500,000 locations nationwide. The card can be used for buying gas, car parts, car maintenance and service, car wash, parking, and many more services.

Man filling his gas tank with gas

Recently, Synchrony Car Care has partnered up with Discover Global Network, a global payment network giving access to cardholders to a bigger network of automotive service providers. Keep reading and find out where you can use your Synchrony Car Care Card. 

Where Can I Use Synchrony Car Care

Let’s start by briefly explaining what Synchrony Car Care is. It is a credit card provided by Synchrony, a financial services company that allows users to pay for regular or unexpected car repairs, maintenance, gas, or other features you need without spending your money. The card allows users six months of promotional financing if they pay $199 or more.

There are over 500,000 locations nationwide where cardholders can purchase or pay for automotive services. And as we mentioned, cardholders can purchase gas at many gas stations with this card and pay this amount in the following months without any interest. Here are some of the gas stations that accept this card:

  • Chevron,
  • Marathon,
  • Sheetz,
  • BP,
  • Valero.

Find the Service Providers Near Your Location Online

But filling up your gas tank is not the only thing you can purchase with this card. Probably one of the biggest benefits is that you can use this card for car repairs or maintenance. You can go on the Synchrony website to find the service you need near you. You can search for the service you need by typing in your location in the search bar. There are a couple of categories you can click on to narrow down your search – here they are:

  • Auto parts and accessories,
  • Gas stations,
  • Heavy-duty trucking,
  • Towing service and repair,
  • Wheels and tires services.

What Are the Main Benefits of Synchrony Car Care

Probably the biggest benefit of this card is its six months of Promotional Financing for any purchase for at least $199, and the other benefit is that you can schedule more than 12 future monthly payments. Here are the pros and cons of  Synchrony Car Care Card.

Six months of  Promotional Financing for $199 purchasesThere are no rewards when buying with the card
No annual feeLimited usage
Cardholder discountsIf you don’t pay the balance in full after the Promotional Financing period is over, you will be charged with interest fees
24/7 online account accessIt can hurt your credit score
Card acceptance at more than 500,000 locations

Terms and Fees of a Synchrony Car Care credit card

When it comes to figuring out fees you will pay with Synchrony Car Care credit card, the math is pretty simple. Synchrony does not charge any annual fee. This means you can simply open up an account without worrying you will be charged. But if you are late with your monthly payments, you will be charged interest fees and late payments fees. If you are late, you will pay $39 and $28 for returned payments. The card has a pretty high-interest rate, charging 29.99% of APR.

How to Know What Purchases are Eligible?

If you wonder how to take the advantage of each purchase you made with your card while your promotional financing period is on, you will be happy to hear that with this card you will not have to worry about figuring out what purchases are eligible. Once you swipe your card at the store or shop, the promotional financing will automatically apply to all eligible purchases. If you are thinking about shopping online, you can do the same thing – all you need to do is type in the card number and make a purchase.

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Is the Synchrony Car Care Card a Good Thing to Own?

Well, the answer to this question depends on your needs. If you have a car that often requires maintenance and repairs, owning this card can benefit you greatly. You will be able to divide these high expenditures into small monthly payments with no fees. But if you are late, the fees will be high, so if you don’t believe you will have the means to pay these expenditures, the better option is to skip this card. Also, if you are constantly on the road, these cards can also come in handy (especially if you don’t have savings for major car repairs and other expenditures). Simply put, this card can be your safety net in unexpected situations.

Also, suppose that you know that some regular car maintenance is due to happen in the near future. If you don’t want to spend your money at once for this service, getting this card can be a great thing. That is, if you know that you will have money for minimal monthly payments,you will be charged by Synchrony. Overall, like with any other credit card, if you use it smartly, there shouldn’t be any problems.