Can I Use an E-Z Pass In A Rental Car?

There isn’t a more convenient way of traveling on toll roads than with an E-Z pass. If you have to drive a rental car and you don’t know whether you can use your E-Z pass, don’t worry – you can bring your own E-Z transponder, which will save you a lot of money while driving a rental car.  

Can you use an E-Z Pass in a rental car? Yes, you can use your E-Z Pass transponder in a rental car. You just need to attach it to the rental car’s windshield. This will allow you to pass through E-Z Pass lanes without having to stop and pay the toll.

Simply hold your transponder on the windshield, and the toll plaza will detect it. The price of the ticket will be visible on your E-ZPass Account.

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Can You Use Your E-Pass Transponder in Rental Cars?

The answer to this frequently asked question is – absolutely yes. The best thing you can do when investing in a rental car is to bring your pass with you.

This will enable you to avoid using the rental car company’s toll pass that has to be paid for every day. Along with the tolls, you will be obliged to pay the fee for the pass, which is just too expensive.

Also, you won’t be required to stop and pay with cash. For instance, in New York, toll plazas are disappearing, so there won’t be a chance to pay cash since everyone is switching to the electronic system.

You don’t want to risk getting any penalties if you can’t pay and don’t have your transponder. Therefore, definitely rely on your E-Z pass when driving a rental car.

What if the Rental Vehicle Already Has an E-Z Pass Transponder?

If you are driving a rental vehicle in the E-Z Pass region, the car will likely have its own transponder. Usually, they are placed in a lead-lined box. This small box can be opened and closed.

If you want to use your own E-Z Pass, just ensure that the box on the windshield is closed. Hold up your transponder to the windshield so that it can be detected and read when you go straight through a toll plaza.

What Happens If the Transponder Wasn’t Detected By the Toll Plaza?

Sometimes accidents and mistakes happen. There is a chance the toll plaza won’t detect your transponder, and the ticket price isn’t deducted from your bank account. This isn’t something that should worry you.

The rental company will receive the bill, and they will most likely inform you of the costs and add it to your final bill when you return the rental car to them.

General Benefits of Having an E-Z Transponder in Your Car

This convenient way of paying the toll will make everything effortless and easy. There is no need to calculate how much cash you require for the road or whether you will be stuck in long lines waiting to pay the toll. The low-cost E-Z system will enable you to quickly travel from one place to another. Here are some benefits you can expect:

  • You will have access to E-Z Discount Plan, which saves you about 20 to 40% with 30 trips or more on a monthly basis
  • Your online account will be available at all times, so you will always have an opportunity to check your balance
  • The tickets cost less than when you pay with cash
  • For any issues, you would be able to contact local customer support agents who are available from Monday through Friday

What States Use This Electronic Toll System?

Not all states in the country have this convenient automatic system. Seventeen states have already removed ordinary toll plazas and replaced them with E-Z toll plazas. Georgia will be soonadded to the system, but some are not planning to incorporate the E-Z pass just yet. Here is a list of all the states where there is an electronic toll collection system:

  • Florida,
  • Delaware,
  • Indiana,
  • Illinois,
  • Maine,
  • Kentucky,
  • Maryland,
  • New Hampshire,
  • Massachusetts,
  • New Jersey,
  • New York,
  • North Carolina,
  • Ohio,
  • Rhode Island,
  • Pennsylvania,
  • West Virginia,
  • Virginia.

Be Aware of the Toll Plazas that Are not Part of the E-Z Pass System

While many states have become compatible with the E-Z Pass system, others such as Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Washington have not become a part of the system just yet. However, some states that have incorporated the E-Z Pass system still have many toll plazas that are run by independent authorities, so using your personal pass wouldn’t be possible in these toll facilities. Here is a chart of states that use the E-ZPass and certain toll facilities that don’t accept them.

New YorkAtlantic Beach Bridge
New JerseyDowntown Express
New Jersey/DelawareCape May – Lewes Ferry
Ohio/KentuckyAugusta Ferry
Illinois/IowaFort Madison Toll Bridge
West Virginia/OhioMemorial Bridge
FloridaGasparilla Bridge
FloridaHammock Dunes Bridge
New Jersey/PennsylvaniaDingman’s Ferry Bridge
Minnesota/OntarioFort Frances-International Falls Int. Bridge
PennsylvaniaMoseywood Road
West Virginia/MarylandGreenspring Low Water Toll Bridge
West Virginia/OhioNewell Toll Bridge
New York/ OntarioSeaway Intern
New York/OntarioOgdensburg-Prescott International Bridge
Illinois-IndianaSt.Francisville Bridge – Old Wabash Cannonball Railroad
OntarioHighways 407,312 and 418

Here is a video on some mistakes you might encounter when driving with an E-Z tag.

What Are E-Z Passes?

When driving on toll roads, you generally have to stop multiple times at a booth and pay a human being for a ticket in order to continue driving on the same road. E-Z pass allows you to avoid stopping to pay for a ticket. It is an automated toll collection system that enables you to pay for the ticket electronically.

An E-Z transponder is attached to the windshield, license plate, or the roof, which the toll plaza can detect. The device’s dimensions are one inch by about three and a half inches wide. It can be attached to the windshield with some Velcro Strips. When you drive through an E-Z pass toll, your transponder can be read, and the price of the ticket is automatically deducted from your bank account. You won’t have to deal with any paperwork, checks, or receipts. Everything will be visible on your prepaid toll account.

Don’t Forget to Use Your E-Z Pass in Your Rental Car

You shouldn’t have any doubts about using your own E-Z tag when driving a rental car. It will save you time and money on additional fees you might encounter with the rental company. Also, don’t try to drive through toll plazas without paying for a ticket because you don’t want to receive any penalties and administrative fees. If the rental car already has a transponder, just keep the box where it is placed closed, and hold up your E-Z transponder so it can be detected. The money will be deducted automatically, so you can freely continue driving to your destination.