Can I Use Dawn Soap to Wash My Car?

Even though Dawn dish soap is marvelous at getting rid of stubborn oil stains on your plates, it might not be an ideal option for your car. The majority of people opt for using this product, thinking it will be effective at cleaning the vehicle. But is that truly the case?

Can you use Dawn soap to wash your car? Dawn dish soap is a great car wash soap. It’s gentle on your vehicle’s finish and will remove dirt, dust, and road grime. Just be sure to rinse your car thoroughly afterwards to avoid any streaks or residues.

A hand wiping a car with a cloth

Can a Car Be Cleaned With Dawn Dish Soap?

Washing a car is a daunting task to many. Some may not know whether they first need to place a protective coating on their four-wheeler or if the product they choose to use might damage the paint. In order to get rid of dirt, bird droppings, bug guts, and water spots from your car, first search for the best washing product. It is easy to opt for the Dawn dish soap since it is a common household product, and you won’t have to go in search of anything else. But, it is not formulated for this purpose.

If you use it progressively, it can remove wax or car paint sealant. What is more, there is a possibility the product can dry out the rubbers and the plastic trim on car doors. Dawn dish soap is not considered to be a dedicated car wash shampoo. Rather, it is a grease-cutting formulation that can remove wax and car sealants, and it is not intended to be used on cars.

However, if you don’t have any other option but Dawn dish soap, you can choose to use it. It cannot damage the protective coating in just one washing. But, don’t think that this is a long-term solution. Washing the car with dedicated car shampoo is the ideal solution.

Dawn Dish Soap Is a Grease-Cutting Formulation

This powerful detergent is specifically designed to get rid of oil and grease from your glasses, plates, bowls, and pans. But, since your car is usually covered in water-soluble dirt such as road dirt, dust, soil, tree spots, and bug guts, you should know that Dawn dish soap’s formulation is too strong for these types of dirt.

Still, if there is some road tar, grease, tree sap, or pollen on your clear coat, an appropriate amount ofDawn dish soap, preferably diluted with water, would be able to get rid of that. Therefore, Dawn dish soap can be used in some cases for washing cars but not always.

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If You Want to Remove Wax and Car Sealant, Use Dawn Dish Soap

Apart from removing anything greasy from your car paint, Dawn dish soap is remarkably effective in stripping wax and sealants off your clear coat. The dishwashing liquid contains abrasive particles that are required for cleaning oils and grease from dishes. It will do also a good job at removing sealant and wax from your vehicle if you are preparing for investing in a new brand. Still, it would be best to first inform yourself on what type and wax you have on your car because not all formulations break down at the same rates. You might need to wash your car with the detergent a couple of times to wipe all the wax and sealant off completely.

So, What is The Best Way to Wash Your Car?

If you want to avoid washing mistakes that might damage your car, follow these simple steps. The first thing you want to do is remove all the dust and mud from the vehicle’s exterior with a high-pressure water hose. After this, get a bucket of water and pour some dedicated car wash shampoo into it. Also, it would be best to have a second bucket with only water which can serve as a rinse bucket. Then, use a wash mitt to clean the car. Wipe the foam off the clear coat by dipping the wash mitt in clear water.

The best method you can use to wash the car is by starting with the car’s top and working your way down. When you finish cleansing the vehicle, take a microfiber towel and proceed to blot up the water. Don’t wipe or scrub because this might damage the car’s surface. The last step is to apply some car wax when the vehicle has dried up.

Here is a video on some potential mistakes that should be avoided when washing a car.

Prepare the Supplies in Advance

Now you know what steps to take when cleaning a car, but having the appropriate supplies is something you have to do before planning a car washing day. Therefore, here are the supplies that will come in handy:

  • At least 2 buckets,
  • Car shampoos,
  • Hose nozzle,
  • Washing mitt,
  • Wheel brush,
  • Grit guard,
  • Car wax.

Invest in Appropriate Dedicated Car Wash Soaps

Car shampoos are specifically designed to be applied on clear coats and paint surfaces. They don’t contain any abrasive particles but rather artificial colors, fragrances, and lubricants in the form of silicones. With this formulation, the water-soluble dirt and grime will simply slide off the car’s surface. Here is a chart with the best products on the market you can find and their prices.

Mr. Pink Foaming Car Wash Soap, Candy Scent19 dollars
Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo (16 fl. oz)10.19 dollars
Griot’s Garage Brilliant Finish Car Wash25.30 dollars
Turtle Wax Hyrbid Solutions Ceramic Wash and Wax15.99 dollars
Mothers 05676 California Gold Carnauba Wash & Wax6.99

How to Properly Use Dawn Dish Soap For Cleaning Cars?

For those who want to make use ofDawn dish soap when washing their vehicle, we have a simple solution. If you have some stubborn oily and greasy stains on the clear coat, take your Dawn dish soap and put it in a spray bottle. Dilute it with water and use it only to clean creasy areas. The rest of the car should be washed with good and powerful car wash soaps.

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Now You Can Plan Your Car Washing Day

So, when it comes to Dawn dish soap, using it on the car’s surface can only damage the exterior by removing wax and sealants. Therefore, be careful when deciding on what products you want to use on your vehicle. With a good car shampoo that dissolves and removes stubborn road dirt and grime, you wont to have any problems. So, along with other supplies, purchase the right products when you want to wash your car.