Best NAPA Brake Pads

Even as a professional in car maintenance, I admit that it can be challenging to find suitable brake pads for a particular vehicle, primarily due to the hundreds of options available. I have bought parts from various manufacturers, and each has a distinct feature. Fortunately, certain brands make the top of my list, including NAPA.

NAPA is one outstanding dealer in auto parts, although it may not be a very famous brand. However, if you have recently bumped into the name and want to know more about its brake pads, the following are some of the best brake pads from NAPA. 

NAPA is gradually gaining a place among the top spare part producers in the country. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing their products, I have reviewed six of the best brake pads from NAPA to help you make an informed decision. Read on for a detailed review.

The Best Brake Pads from Napa

There is a lot to consider before picking the perfect brake pads for your vehicle. NAPA has excellent products, but you need an expert eye to help you decide. Therefore, I have selected the most competitive products from the brand to make your search easier. 

NAPA Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

Premium means high quality, and these brake pads do justice to the name. During my first experience with the Premium Ceramic pads, the package came in a set of four, and I was thrilled to find out how it worked. My client also tried it, and we concluded that this NAPA product was worth the buy. 

First, I loved that it had reasonable pricing, not too over or undercharged. For me, the selling point was the ceramic design that is most drivers’ go-to, thanks to the noise and dust reduction advantages. It has friction enhancement, and the interior is entirely chamfered to keep off the extreme noise. I also loved how the package had a hardware kit inside to help in installation. 

Notably, NAPA’s Ceramic design doesn’t compromise on performance. Its high-tech construction ensures that it meets all the OE expectations to deliver the best product. Additionally, the stopping power caught my attention. The brakes will do what you want while operating quietly, giving you total control over your car. 

I was concerned that the competitive prices meant that I had to negotiate the brakes’ durability, but I was shocked when I saw how durable they were. Depending on how frequently you drive, your pads can last a very long time. A plus is that I didn’t have problems with installation and found it a perfect fit for various vehicle types.

NAPA SS-7082C Premium Series Brake Pads

I didn’t know about the SS-7082C until a friend mentioned it to me while explaining how amazing they were. After that, I got curious to find out more, causing me to try out this product. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint. From the design to the functionality, it was a worthy purchase.   

Like other NAPA brake pads, this construction is ceramic, one of the best materials for your braking system. It gives the product its premium status and comes with an OE certification. The pads haven’t lasted long in the market since they were first released in 2016, but they remain a favorite among many users.

Another reason why I love the SS-7082C is the advanced tech in construction. First, there are friction formulas like NAO and Semi-Net that increase their stopping power. Secondly, they feature chamfer guard shims in the interior to contribute to noise cancellation whenever you are braking. Also, it is made from fiber, and the shim is multi-layered for effective noise reduction. In turn, I noticed that halting was effortless, making driving more fun. 

Despite their outstanding performance, the SS-7082C pads are also quite durable for use over a long time. So you don’t have to keep changing them when they wear out prematurely. The only concern for me is that the dust was relatively higher than expected, although it didn’t take away the brakes’ excellent functionality. 

NAPA SS-8438-X Premium Series Brake Pads

This list would be incomplete without the SS-8438-X Premium brakes. I was lucky to bump into them during my search for a high-quality NAPA product. At first, I thought they would be similar to the SS-7082C, but I immediately noticed how distinct they were. The SS-8438-X surface appears smooth and metallic, while the SS-7082C looks more rugged.   

When I ordered my first package, I was glad that it came with hardware for installation. Like other premium NAPA products, I researched and discovered that the SS-8438-X also incorporated innovative technology in its construction. For instance, it has friction formulas and multi-layered shims to counter unnecessary noises during operation.  

The product makes driving less distracting, thanks to the careful post-processing. Also, the manufacturers use top-notch hardware and unique design features in the shims to prevent noise. Therefore, this NAPA premium matches up to its name to deliver all your braking needs. 

It meets all the minimum OE requirements and will always keep you safe on the road. The ceramic, in addition, makes it very resilient for use on any terrain. They maintain their high stopping power and superb general performance. However, you may need to check your car’s compatibility first before installation.

NAPA TS-7387-M Proformer Series

NAPA manufactures some of the best quality brake pads. The Proformer TS7387 is a dependable product that many motorists frequently ask for when they come for replacements. The pads are ceramic and OE-approved, telling you that NAPA only sells genuine parts that you can rely on for superior performance. 

I first noted that the product passed all quality tests guaranteeing efficacy in operation. Therefore, I can assure my customers that I have installed a reliable and safe system in their cars. The TS7387 is from the proformer product line, ideal for daily driving, and can function effectively in most trucks and SUVs. 

The engineering levels in this fine product are top-of-the-range. For example, the pads have slots to minimize stress and eliminate friction from the pad’s surface. The shims dampen the noise for an exclusively quiet ride. Furthermore, it is chamfered to eliminate vibrations whenever you halt the vehicle. 

Additionally, the friction formulation on the pads counters grinding between the rotor and the brake resulting in massive stopping power. The additional clips also have a corrosion-resistant layer to increase the brakes’ lifespan. Finally, all the design techniques on the TS7383 are OE compliant. Everything comes together to make the NAPA product this extraordinary. 

After installing it in a car, I usually notice that it operates quietly and has an impressive stoppage. However, I discovered that the pads might not fit in smaller vehicles due to their design. Therefore, I recommend consulting an expert first before installing the brake pads.  

NAPA TS-7574-M Proformer Series Brake Pads

There are tones of car models, each requiring particular brake pads; fortunately, NAPA is here with numerous sub-brands to meet the customers’ needs. The auto parts from the company keep improving in their performance with every product release. A colleague recommended the TS7574, and it proved that the manufacturer creates fantastic parts.

Although the premium brand is better than the proformer, the latter still has a place among the best in the market. The technology in the design remains effective to give you a dependable product. TS7574 is ceramic with a metal backing plate to hold it together and enhance its durability. Another fascinating aspect is that NAPA strategically slots the brake pads to ensure that there is proper aeration. 

Excessive heat buildup may damage the ceramic layer and cause untimely wear and unnecessary squeaking noises. A rubberized multilayer shim counters noise to offer you quiet friction braking. Similarly, it is resistant to high temperatures and disperses every heat accumulated on the pads. 

A friction material on the brake pads also ensures that you get a gentle and dustless ride, even after driving for miles. The brake pads also boast OE-style tech, which is at the top of my checklist when selecting the right brakes. The TS7574 is a real example of high-performance ceramic pads, and you will make a worthy investment by purchasing it.

NAPA TS-8332-X Proformer Brake Pads

The NAPA Proformer brake pads may seem complex to shortlist, especially if a first-timer wants to figure out the features and differences to pick the perfect system. However, I stumbled upon the TS8332 when checking out other NAPA auto parts. I trusted the brand name and set it up for a customer’s vehicle, and it was a success. 

I noted how simple it was to install, reducing the margin of error. Also, I was confident about its performance since it met the OEM requirements, and I had already tested other TS Proformer brands. Another great feature is that the ceramic surface is thermal-resistant and dissipates heat from friction. The pads also have a friction formula to help minimize noise that you would hear when stepping on the pedals.

Most importantly, the brakes offer immense stopping power, which is convenient for a quick stop. However, they lack slots and aren’t chamfered; hence, they may be slightly louder than other NAPA Proformers. From experience, I have noticed that a braking system without chamfered edges or slots may compromise stopping power. 

You may not identify the difference at first unless you have previously tried other Proformer designs. The two aspects are additionally responsible for a powerful bite on the car’s rotor; otherwise, they will not be a perfect fit. TS8332 may be ideal for less heavy vehicles, but it is generally an excellent product that I would recommend for a smaller car. 

Handy Tips Before You Buy NAPA Brake Pads

NAPA may not be a famous brand among drivers, but it has quality products that will not disappoint. Whether you go for the premium or the proformer version, you are sure of a worthy investment. They will be effective for your car as long as you get the right fit and install them correctly with a professional. The only challenge you may face is not knowing how to pick a befitting set for your car. However, here are tips you can consider before buying NAPA brake pads.

The first consideration is the type of brakes you need. Most options seem identical at first glance, but they all have different features and capabilities. However, motorists prefer ceramic materials since they have less dust and noise, making driving more comfortable. 

The brakes’ design will guide you to find the perfect equipment. Therefore, you should conduct more research to determine the level of technology that the creators used during construction. If the brakes are innovative, they will be more high-performance and long-lasting. They will also be effortless to use, and you won’t have issues with overheating or screeching noises when you stop your car. 

Luckily, most NAPA auto parts have careful construction to ensure that they meet the customers’ needs. They also come at a competitive price, unlike other products online. You also have a choice between the proformer or premium brake systems. The proformer is NAPA’s earlier design that you will find in older cars. 

On the other hand, the premium is proformer’s upgrade that has all the innovative features of the latest ceramic brakes. As a result, they perform better, are more durable, and come in a better design than their counterpart. Therefore, your choice will depend on your budget and availability, but either way, you will still have an excellent product.

Parting Shot

NAPA will soon take its rightful place as an innovative and high-quality braking system. As per my experience, many users prefer premium products. This may be because the premium line is a modification of the proformer with better design and capabilities. However, regardless of your go-to, NAPA guarantees that you will have one of the best brake pads in the market. Given that they are all top-notch products, it is tasking to select my overall best. However, I am confident that they will all offer the service you need and improve your driving experience provided they are a perfect fit for your car.