Best Ceramic Brake Pads

When I think of car maintenance, the condition of my brake pads always comes to mind. With the correct braking system, I can stop when necessary, keeping me safe on the road. However, it wasn’t easy to find the correct set of ceramic brake pads until I decided to sample a few; therefore, I have tested several brands before coming up with this review.

I am always inclined to ceramic material since it is durable and quiet. If you are also a fan, the following is my roundup of the best ceramic brake pads in the market. 

  • Bosch BC905 QuietCast
  • Bendix Premium CFC866
  • Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324
  • ACDelco Silver 14D785CH
  • Power Stop Z26-1405 Extreme Performance
  • Akebono ACT1281 ProAct

Your car’s brake pads take pressure every day; therefore, you need reliable brake pads made with durable yet visually appealing material. With the market flooding with various brake pads, I narrowed it down to my go-to material, ceramic. In this guide, I will review the best ceramic brake pads in the market.

The Best Ceramic Brake Pads

You need a premium braking system to help you stay safe while you drive, meaning that checking and replacing your brakes is a critical part of your vehicle’s maintenance. If you want an expert opinion on the best ceramic pads in the market, you are at the right place. The following is my detailed view of the best ceramic brake pads from reliable manufacturers. 

Bendix Premium Copper Free CFC866 Ceramic Brake Pad

When researching for an environmental-friendly brake pad company, I discovered Bendix and was impressed by its concern for its customers’ safety. They have a copper-free policy, and they are focused on making safe products. Installing it in my car was even more impressive, as it met and exceeded my expectations. 

There are several other Bendix brake pads, but I selected the Premium Copper Free CFC866 due to its high ratings. Unlike other systems, there was hardly any sound when in operation, thanks to the improved multilayer noise-canceling technology. The four shim levels eliminate the noise that you hear in other pads. 

Besides, I had assurance that I was using a product that had undergone several tests and met industry demands. I was also keen on its copper-free policy since it meant that it performed better than the rivals still using the metal as a component. In addition, I noticed that it had relatively more stopping power, unlike other types, and it was robust, resisting wear and tear; hence, more value for money. 

Additionally, the dusting level was significantly lower. Another notable feature is that the pads are compatible with other car models, including the Jeep, Chrysler, outlander, Avenger, Eclipse, Mitsubishi, and many other makes from different years. I usually advise buyers to consider their car to confirm that the brakes fit perfectly on their vehicle.

ACDelco Silver 14D785CH Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

I bought this ACDelco set online, and the high ratings and positive user reviews were too convincing not to try it out. It is a product of General Motors and mainly fits cars from the company. However, you can still find one that is compatible with a different vehicle. With this product, GM uses ceramics and other products for enhanced safety and durability. 

I found the set a perfect fit for most vehicles. The additional metal construction offers better braking power, better noise cancellation features, and reduces dusting. Also, these brake pads use chamfers to stay quiet when operating, explaining why I’ve never heard a vibrating sound. In addition, my package came with hardware kits for easy installation. 

You can tell that the set is of high quality and will be an excellent choice for your car, especially if it is a model from General Motors. If you have a vehicle from the car manufacturer, the advantage is that the set will be compatible with your safety system, including anti-lock brakes and electronic traction. 

I also appreciated how they were functional and long-lasting, giving me confidence on the road; therefore, I didn’t have to worry about frequent exchanges. Generally, buying an ACDelco offers you an affordable and highly innovative solution. You can set it up straight from the box, and it helps that it is durable.

Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

I wouldn’t risk my life while on the road by buying sub-standard spare parts, and I would not advise the same for you. Therefore, I present one of the best ceramic braking brake sets you can find in the market, the Bosch BC905, a premium brand for all your needs. The pads are quiet on your wheels and produce significantly less dust. You get impressive stopping power, and your braking system stays intact. 

Thanks to the shim layer that prevents noise and increases strength, the pads are tough against heat and pressure that build up when you halt. Furthermore, Bosch has incorporated exceptional technology, ensuring your safety while on the road regardless of your vehicle model. The copper-free policy further complies with the international quality standards.

This way, I am always confident that the pads will last longer no matter the distances I cover. I am also particular about the transfer layers that add to the system’s extended life. The QuietCast Bosch brakes are original equipment by automotive engineers who value the well-being of their clients, guaranteeing that you are always safe while driving. 

Another outstanding aspect is the OE-style chamfers and the advanced rubber core shim. Moreover, there is minimal dust, and the system remains generally quiet. However, some customers complain about missing wear indications and that the brakes are too tight to fit in certain vehicle brands. 

Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic Brake Pad Set

Another unbeatable brake pad in the market is the Wagner ThermoQuiet ceramic set. From experience, this equipment served my car’s front braking system for a long time without requiring replacement. I have always placed my confidence in the Wagner brand, and it has not disappointed with this set. 

First, the brakes offer a full-time quiet operation whenever you apply them, and its design disperses heat, vibrations, and sound. The pads are also long-lasting because they spread the heat responsible for friction and fading, giving the equipment an extended service. However, for your safety, you may still need to check them often for any wear signs. 

Also, I noticed that my wheels were ever clean without dust particles with the Wagner brand, as evident with other products. Even if there is, the particles mostly go unnoticed. The ThermoQuiet offers superb braking performance that significantly reduces dust. Generally, it properly fits into the sockets and the included hardware for smooth operation. Therefore, the Wagner ceramic brake pad gives you an all-rounded high-performance braking system due to its high stopping power. 

Wagner engineered this product with high-quality, long-lasting materials. Furthermore, the brake pads suit various car brands, and you will appreciate that they are easy to install and replace whenever necessary. However, you may experience a problem fixing them without cleaning the rotors because it will produce dust and stain your car. 

Akebono ACT1281 ProAct Ceramic Brake Pads

Akebono is an indigenous Japan-based company, and trying it out was initially a gamble for me. Luckily, this ceramic brake pad didn’t fail me. I established that the company ensures that every construction component adheres to Original Equipment (OE) guidelines with more research.

After using it, I can attest that any user will get a premium vehicle spare part experience thanks to the unique technology. The pads don’t squeal when you apply the brakes, and a plus is that the pedals are smooth and exert less pressure when stopping the car. The vehicle-optimized friction formulation technology ensures noise reduction and eliminates dust. 

This engineering style also enhances durability and guarantees effortless braking. The Akebono brake pad is ideal for the rear wheels, usually weighing more than the front end. It explains why the company is slowly finding a place among the top manufacturers.

Akebono offers you a super quiet and durable braking system thanks to its friction management design. With it, you get smooth braking with exceptionally less wheel dusting. You will be sure of OEM-certified quality brake pads with optimized functionality that you can trust in any terrain or adverse weather condition. The product fits excellently on most cars. However, the key is to pick the right fit; otherwise, you will get an incompatible product and have to make another purchase. 

Power Stop Z26-1405 Extreme Performance Ceramic Brake Pads

If frequently buying new brakes is too tasking, you can borrow from my experience and purchase the premium Power Stop set. At first, I knew that it was a great brand but immediately noticed the price tag. However, after using it for a while, I realized why you need to spend extra on it.

I must also mention that the brake is a carbon fiber and ceramic hybrid; hence, it is heavy duty and can support high muscle automobiles. It meets all the OE requirements, and I believe the ideal vehicle types are SUVs due to the advanced tech in constructing the Z26 model. 

The pad surfaces undergo extreme heat and pressure to cure them, making the material more robust. Furthermore, to reduce the noise, the pad slots contain grooves, and it helps that the brake shims are stainless steel. Another notable feature is the presence of backing plates containing powder to help increase performance and durability and resist corrosion and rust. 

The Power Stop Z26 comes in a complete set with brake pads, grease, and a stainless steel kit. Once you fix the equipment to your automobile, you can expect dustless rims and maximum stopping power with improved heat dissipation and noise-free braking. On the contrary, unlike most options in the market, this one fits specific brands. Hence, it is wise to confirm your car model beforehand before making a purchase.   

All About Ceramic Brake Pads

Over the years, vehicle owners have slowly switched to ceramic braking systems, given their fantastic features. For one, they have less dusting, unlike other materials. They are also more dependable since they can withstand extreme pressure to serve you longer.

The brakes brave high temperatures and don’t fade quickly. This means that you can stop faster, especially at risky spots like traffic lights. Most owners also prefer ceramic systems since they have reasonable pricing. Depending on the quality, brand, and vehicle type, you can find a set retailing at $15-$80. Similarly, a brake pad will cost more if it is a high-end complex construction. 

Ceramic pads have always been my go-to, thanks to their impressive features. For one, they are relatively more durable. When other options wear out, they usually emit dust, but ceramics have fewer of these particles. Instead, they produce light-colored material that is hardly noticeable and less sticky on the wheels. Therefore, they cost less in the long run and are highly dependable.

Additionally, many drivers love how versatile ceramic brakes are, especially when dealing with high and low temperatures. Whether it is extremely cold or hot, you are sure that the material will handle the pressure. Additionally, ceramics recover fast after braking and experience less heat fade, making them more reliable than other designs.  

Drivers often complain about distractive squeaking sounds when on the road. Luckily, ceramic brakes have a unique noise-canceling construction. They are quieter, unlike metallic pads that constantly rub against each other. Most ceramics have multilayer shim technology such that even when there is friction, the sound stays below your hearing range, barely noticeable.

To be sure of a quality product, it is best to purchase a set from the major vehicle parts production companies. Your best bet is manufacturers like ACDelco from General Motors, Bosch Auto Parts, Power Stop, or Wagner. They always incorporate advanced-level tech in their designs to produce durable and quality products. 

Final Word

Ceramics are the best materials for your brake pads. Having tested these fantastic products, it becomes tasking to determine the winner because they are all from major brands that produce high-performance products. I have noticed the reduced dusting and noise, and a bonus is that they are all affordable and dependable.

You will also find them durable and appreciate how they offer a fast recovery time. However, the Bendix, Bosch, and Wagner brake pads seem to stand out more than the rest, and I guarantee they are great investments. You can still go for the Power Stop, ACDelco, and Akenobo alternatives since they are also high quality.