Best Brake Pads for Brake Dust

While working in car repair and maintenance, a common request from drivers is that they don’t want their brake pads to be too dusty. Otherwise, it means frequently cleaning your braking system since the rotors find the equipment too soft, hastening wear.

You are at the right place if you need a less dusty brake pad. After testing various brands on different cars, here are the best brake pads with less brake dust. 

  1. Power Stop K2164-34 
  2. Bosch BC787 QuietCast 
  3. EBC DP31988C Redstuff
  4. Motorcraft BRD1068
  5. Akebono ACT1363 ProACT
  6. ACDelco 14D792CH

Brake pads produce dust as long as they are working effectively. However, companies are coming up with remarkable technologies to reduce the effect. Read on to find out more about these manufacturers and their products. 

Best Brake Pads With Less Brake Dust

I understand how tasking it can be to keep cleaning dust off your wheels after a drive. There may be hundreds of products in the market, but few have the formulation for reduced brake dust. Therefore, I have rounded up my top six brake pads with less brake dust to solve your problem.

Power Stop K2164-36 Front & Rear Z36 Truck and Tow Brake Kit

Power Stop has been top of my list for a long time, especially for heavy-duty vehicles that need more performance. This brake kit is perfect for you if you need all your braking accessories in one place. The box comes with the entire installation system, including the brake pads and rotors, saving you time and money. 

You don’t have to go through the hassle of buying the accessories individually, which explains the price tag. Power Stop here integrates the most innovative technologies for the consumers’ needs. The essential feature, however, is how attentive it is to reducing brake dust. I have tested and concluded that it doesn’t have as much dirt as other products. 

Other users have also tried them and attested that it has about 30% less dust emission, unlike specific formulations. It must be due to the careful construction where the company uses carbon-fiber elements to make the brake pads more robust. As a result, the system can handle heavy trucks and muscled cars, and since they are tough on the rotors, they emit less dust in the process. 

The rotors also have a role to play, and, in this case, they are of cast iron, meaning that they work together with the pads to perform heavy tasks. Additionally, they have a zinc coating to prevent rust and give the system the stopping power it needs. Regardless of the heavy hauling, I noticed that the brake pads have noise-free braking due to the insulation of the rubber shims. 

Bosch BC787 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

Bosch has earned its place as one of the leading brands in the manufacture of braking pads. My clients insist on the QuietCast due to noise reduction, and I bumped into this version when doing my research. I tested it later and found it is less dusty than other products, even in the same line. 

They are of premium ceramic, meaning that you can expect high-performance and a significant reduction in noise and dust. I typically recommend it to various clients, including truck drivers, due to its high power. One of the critical design features of QuietCast is the multiple layered shims that make the pads stronger and effectively insulate them from noise. 

Moreover, I appreciate how long-lasting the rotors and pads are to serve the user better. Given this aspect, the brake pads are not soft on the rotors, explaining the minimal dust emission. Additionally, the slots feature the best quality materials for better performance, and the entire system effortlessly works together to offer dependable braking. 

Whenever I test drive using any Bosch system, I immediately detect the difference and the BC787 matches up. The ride is usually smooth, and the brake dust is negligible even after braking often. Even the little dirt that forms is easy to clean. If you still have challenges with excessive dust, perhaps you haven’t installed the system correctly, or it is not a perfect fit for your car. 

EBC Brakes DP31988C Redstuff Ceramic Brake Pads

The EBC product line is another brand synonymous with low dust emission, as the name suggests. There are various EBC versions, but my favorite is the Redstuff ceramic brakes. I find it the most effective in low dust output out of the other types. However, they are relatively more expensive, but the best part is that you will always have your money’s worth.  

EBC Redstuff is an excellent choice, and my clients attest to that. I love that they are handy for fast, muscled, or luxury vehicles, meaning they will be effective for any motorist. For the best results, I usually recommend it to owners of medium-sized cars, not small or heavy trucks. You will also notice that they have high friction yet are robust enough to resist heat fade. 

Since EBC Redstuff is ceramic, you can expect little noise and dust when in use. It is also smooth to operate. Unlike OEM alternatives, the pads produce about 80% less dirt. Even the little that forms due to friction are usually not very sticky, hence easy to clean. You won’t have the same experience while using semi-metallic options. 

The best aspect is that my customers have never complained about compromising on the brakes’ functionality. The low dust doesn’t mean that their stopping power reduces. When you pair the EBC Redstuff with the compatible rotors, you will get a high-performance, long-lasting, and fade-resistant braking system.

Motorcraft BRD1068 Brake Pad Kit

Motorcraft Ceramic brake pads are beginning to penetrate the markets outside China and are slowly gaining the attention they deserve. It may not be everybody’s first choice, but surprisingly, it is an excellent option if you need high-quality and less-dusty brakes. It comes in a great design, uses premium material, and incorporates the most innovative tech. 

When I first bought this set, I loved how fast it shipped and the reasonable cost. I also immediately noticed that they looked slightly dull, although their performance made up for it. After installation and testing, I detected how it functioned like the renowned brands, and I was keen that the BRD1068 design complied with OE requirements.

Therefore, the tech used in molding the pads ensures that they are dustless, friction-free, and fade-resistant. In totality, you get an ultra low-dust performance even after covering many miles. The friction material also significantly contributes to a lower dust production whenever you apply the brakes. 

The brake system is also robust. Despite the high temperatures on the wheels, they remain stable and dependable to keep you going. You can use the brakes daily and appreciate how long it takes before you need to clean your wheels. 

The manufacturer optimized the pads for performance and reduced braking distance with high stopping power and less friction, which would otherwise cause dust and noise. The only downside is that the brake pads are vehicle-specific, and it is best to be careful with measurements to get the exact fit. 

Akebono ACT1118 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

Your car requires a premium braking system, regardless of the price it will take, as long as it is durable and cost-effective in the long run. I have always been a fan of the Akebono brand since someone recommended it to me. Out of the several options, the Akebono ACT1118 has always been my go-to for dust-less performance.

I also love that the brake pad kit comes with additional hardware for easy installation. You can even install them alone or consult a professional to get the perfect fit. Akebono Ultra-Premium brake pads offer you a dust-free braking experience in addition to massive stopping power and a quiet ride without compromising durability. Also, this creation meets all the minimum OE standards. 

The braking formula on the pads ensures a smooth stop, fade-resistance, durability, and ultimately, low dust build-up on your wheels. Thus, they appear new even after going miles on or off-road. The ceramic pads are also extremely gentle on the rotor, minimizing friction between the two surfaces that eventually contributes to the less dusty car wheels. 

I understand how drivers love their cars clean, explaining why I usually recommend the Akebono brand that has been my favorite for years. Generally, this product competes favorably in the market, but only if you use it on the right car. Note that you may deal with premature wear if you overexert the brakes by trying them on racing vehicles.  

ACDelco 14D792CH Advantage Ceramic Brake Pads

If you aren’t new to car parts manufacturers, you must have heard of the ACDelco brake pads. The company manufactures genuine system parts that you can trust for your safety and those around you. This brake pad is ceramic and ideal for your car’s rear brakes. Engineers designed the equipment, tested it, and confirmed they are perfect for all GM vehicle brands. 

They are also handy as alternatives to original equipment replacement parts once your old brakes wear out. Besides this, there are reasons why this ACDelco is in my roundup. Brake dust can be frustrating and uncomfortable. It explains why my clients usually insist on dustless materials like ceramics. 

With less dust, you can reduce the hassle of cleaning your wheels every time. Secondly, the high-level technology ensures that the ACDelco braking system meets the OE requirements. Also, the surface where extensive friction occurs is tough to resist wear. 

In turn, it reduces the amount of dust emission on your wheels. It is also stable under high temperatures, and instead of absorbing the heat, the pads dissipate them to the environment. Thanks to these designs, you can quickly minimize dust on your rims. 

How To Get Brake Pads With Less Dust

No driver wants excessive brake dust on their wheels to avoid frequent cleaning. The dirt indicates that your braking systems are working perfectly, and there is no way to eliminate it, only reduce the amount. The more dust your pads produce, the softer they are on the rotor. Luckily, technology has led to several available options that emit less dirt. 

First, you can tell how dusty the brakes are from the construction material and quality. For instance, many motorists opt for ceramic brake pads since they have vital friction components, producing less dust during operation. On the contrary, alternatives like semi-metallic and organic pads tend to be dustier. Still, it will also depend on the brakes’ quality. 

Additionally, brake systems tend to be dusty if your vehicle is not compatible or is not the right fit. Companies typically create these systems with the cars in mind such that your model has its ideal brake set. If you use incompatible brakes, you will have issues with wear, performance, and dust. 

Your driving will also determine how much dust your vehicle will produce. For instance, if you frequently use your car or drive a heavy-duty vehicle, you can expect more dirt due to the excessive wear and tear. To deal with this, you can opt for a brake pad and rotor set with a unique design to handle extreme tasks. The goal is to find the best quality set that matches your vehicle’s size and performance. 

If you prefer ceramic pads, you can research or ask a professional about the best brand and type. In some cases, you may have to pay extra to get the best quality, but it depends on the brand. Lastly, note that brake dust must be present if you have a high-performance brake system; the only difference is the amount. 

In Summary

Although dust is a necessary part of your brake pads’ performance, you don’t have to deal with excessive dirt or have to clean your wheels frequently. All the products on my list are of excellent materials and quality and perform excellently. I have sampled major and less-known brands across different price ranges for your selection. 

However, the Bosch BC787 QuietCast, Power Stop K2164-34, and EBC DP31988C Redstuff are my favorites. Still, the Akebono ACT1363 ProACT, ACDelco 14D792CH, and Motorcraft BRD1068 are great alternatives for your low brake dust needs. You only have to ensure that you get the right set based on your car model and install them correctly.