Best Brake Pads for BMW

I have over the years serviced hundreds of vehicles for clients and gained a wealth of experience in the field, particularly in car spare parts. Drivers often seek my services about the best brake pads according to their vehicle models. 

As a BMW owner, you know that replacing brake pads by yourself is not that easy. However, you can still be in control of your car’s braking system by selecting the best brake pads for your BMW. Luckily, here are some of the best brake pads for BMW.

  1. Bosch BP1170 QuietCast Premium
  2. SCITOO Ceramic Brake Pads
  3. TRW Automotive TPC1171 
  4. Bosch BP918 QuietCast
  5. Power Sport BMW Ceramic Brake pads
  6. Power Stop Z17 Ceramic Brake pads

If you are interested in the best brake pads for the BMW, this is the guide for you. I will review six of the best BMW brake pads and give you tips on the factors to consider when selecting the right set for your car. Read on for a detailed review.

The Best Brake Pads for BMW

The BMW is a powerful car that needs an equally high-performance brake system. If you are uncertain of the best way to go about it, I will help simplify your job by reviewing six of the best brake pads for BMW. Read on.

Bosch BP1170 QuietCast Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pad Set

You cannot talk about spare part manufacturers without including Bosch. I usually refer its products to my clients, and they rarely complain. The company has become popular in the braking sector since its introduction in 1936, explaining why you will likely find various vehicle models running on their parts. It also incorporates the latest technologies in its products. 

This brake pad is ceramic and deploys advanced tech like QuietCast and Antilock Braking. Thanks to these systems, you can experience the premium aspect of the brakes and enjoy how durable they are. The innovation ensures that you will hardly hear a sound when they operate. The pads are also copper-free and are semi-metallic and ceramic. 

The rubber core in the equipment has a multilayer shim making the gadget robust, eliminating unnecessary noise, and increasing the pads’ life. The shims will withstand excessive force or heat within them and latch on as long as the equipment serves you. They will be stable, and you will never worry about the layers sliding on the plates. Generally, Bosch guarantees that the brakes have impressive stopping power all while producing less dust. 

The brakes are handy for various vehicle types, including SUVs, light trucks, and other automobiles. I usually recommend it for owners of the 2006 330xi, 2007-08 335xi, 2009-13 335i xDrive, 2013-15 X1, and other BMWs. The Bosch BP1170 should be on your shortlist if you think quality, reliability, favorable pricing, and all-roundedness. 

SCITOO Ceramic Brake Pads

You may be bumping into the SCITOO brand for the first time like I did several months ago. When testing it, I wasn’t sure about it, but I was excited that it didn’t disappoint. If you are often careful with less-known brands, the SCITOO brake pads may change your mind. It comes at the average price range and will serve you well as other brake pads from famous brands. 

The first aspect that caught my attention is that it comes in a set of eight for the rear and front. Secondly, it is ceramic, meaning that it has less dusting and the noise is significantly low. You will also be amazed by the tech levels involved. For instance, the buffer layer within the plate and piston immensely reduces vibrations, making the system very quiet while running. 

Additionally, every pad goes through a thorough scorching process that improves the response time and generally increases the gadget’s lifespan, making it more investment-worthy. It is ready for installation as soon as it leaves the company, saving you the hassle of making any adjustments before use. Note that you can place it at the front, back, right, and left. 

When you buy this kit, it usually comes with lubricant and retainer clips, and a bonus is that the pads are easy to set up. If you have any challenges, you can always watch tutorial videos. I have also noticed that the parts are compatible with various BMW models. However, it seems to be a better fit for older generation types. 

TRW Automotive TPC1171 Disc Brake Pad Set

Another company that came to my attention is TRW Automotive Holdings, particularly the TPC1171 rear brake set. This gadget is a top-of-the-line product that surprisingly competes well with parts from household names. It is ceramic, meets all the industry’s requirements, and has passed the relevant quality tests to guarantee the best performance.  

The most notable feature about the brakes is the incorporation of advanced technologies for noise and dust reduction. I also discovered that they are more durable than other systems I have tested. The result is significant stopping power, faster recovery, and smooth braking. It is understandable to be concerned about the quality since it is not as famous as other major brands.

Luckily, TRW, like other companies, integrates the latest tech in its systems to ensure the highest braking performance. The pads are chamfered and come with many SKUs boasting noise cancellation features. Furthermore, TRW incorporates rubber and steel in the brakes’ shims while the slots reduce dirt build-up on the surface. 

Another impressive innovation from the company is the CITEC system, a method of coating where the distance you make at first stops after getting new pads reduces. You will be glad that the brakes are perfect for BMW models like the BMW 328i: 2007 – 2013, BMW X1: 2012 – 2015, BMW 323i: 2007 – 2011, BMW 125i: 2009 – 2010, and many more.

Bosch BP918 QuietCast Brake Pads

You will agree that Bosch is one of the most notable brands in the braking industry, famous for quality and reliable brake pads. Those in the B918 are semi-metallic, a blend of metal and ceramic materials. I have helped fit numerous BMWs with this system, including the 530xi, 550i, 335xi, M3, 650i, and dozens more. The brakes are premium, explaining why it is a go-to for my clients.

The first thing you notice is how quiet they are whenever you apply them, thanks to the rubber core OE-style shim. It also has a protective layer on both pads and a rotor to enhance longevity by reducing friction. Bosch cures the rubber-core to make it withstand the extreme pressure and heat while sandwiched with steel. 

The process significantly cuts noise, makes the pads robust, and prevents corrosion. In addition, the company uses multilayer shim technology (MST) to integrate the system into the backing plate, where it remains until it eventually wears out. The engineering techniques put in constructing BP918 are incredible. 

Consequently, you get a top-of-the-range and long-lasting product at a competitive price. The brakes are consistent and can stop whenever you want, and you will have reliable power while at it. They are exceptional. However, the manufacturing heating makes them appear slightly used, making it tasking to explain to my customers. 

Power Sport BMW Ceramic Brake Pads

My experience in car maintenance has taught me that you should always give your car what it deserves, regardless of the price tag or brand name. Undoubtedly, BMW cars are heavy machinery requiring a reliable and robust stop. Therefore, you need to select the right parts carefully. I found that Power Sport ticks most boxes as a vehicle spare part. 

It is a trusted brand among owners, and many users love all its services. I was keen to understand that customers using the brakes take relatively longer before returning for replacements. Therefore, I was more attentive to its features to find out why. For starters, the brake pad kit comprises eight pads, four rotors, and brake sensors, explaining the price tag.  

Secondly, the parts are heat-resistant, dissipating absorbed temperatures through the drilled spaces on the rotor efficiently, reducing the adverse effects due to heat. Thanks to the slots on the rotor, the brakes firmly latch on and reduce breaking time. The scorching construction system ensures that you have excellent stopping power with less dust and noise. 

The ceramic pads have uniform wear, but, most importantly, they are compliant with the OE specifications. Moreover, most Power Sport brake pads I have installed are always a perfect fit, easy to assemble on BMW 328i, 325i, or 323i. Lastly, you may compromise on the functionality of the braking system if you mix the Power Sport with other brands. 

Power Stop Z17 Ceramic Brake Pads

Another famous brand in matters of spare parts is the Power Stop Z17. These brakes are carbon-fiber ceramic, best for rear wheels, and have additional hardware for straightforward installation. The part properly fits your BMW F32, x3, and 328i, including other models. Its prices are pocket-friendly, and the seller usually delivers on time.

The brakes are an ideal replacement for your old braking system, and you can join the thousands of users using the same product. Power Stop Z17 integrates various technologies resulting in a quiet, dustless, and massive power braking experience. The pads have a dual rubber shim exposed to high temperatures to insulate noise whenever you apply the brakes. 

The double-layered rubberized shim usually cancels sound six times what the standard brakes do. On the other hand, ceramic pads are dustless due to their hardened surface. You can drive daily yet notice little or no dust on the car’s rim. Generally, the Z17 brake pads qualify for OE standards. Some of my customers even confirm that the brakes are forgiving on the rotor. 

Besides, the wear sensor in the system also works effectively while the brake pads coating prevents rust, thereby extending its life. On the flip side, dirt may accumulate on the wheel unexpectedly, especially if there are installation issues. Hence, I always advise vehicle owners to invest in experienced professionals to do their maintenance.  

What To Look for in Brake Pads for Your BMW

Not many car owners know what to search for various car parts, and the hundreds of similar products in the market don’t make it easy. Since brakes pads are susceptible to wear and tear, they become a regular purchase during maintenance. If you are not sure about the features to look for in parts for your BMW, here is what I usually tell my clients. 

Most importantly, you can consider your car model because companies usually design parts with the vehicles in mind. BMW makes have different needs; thus, you should know whether the set is a perfect fit before buying it. Secondly, the pads’ pricing will tell you a lot because very cheap options aren’t long-lasting. 

However, it doesn’t mean that pricy options will be of high quality; here is where the brand will come to play. Similarly, it is advisable to look at the gadget’s construction materials and relate that to the frequency of use. For instance, if you have a massive car and often drive long distances, you will be safer with a metallic type; otherwise, you can for a ceramic alternative. 

The best brakes must have a high stopping power to ensure that you are safe on the roads; this way, you can effortlessly slow down when necessary. Additionally, be careful that your purchase has an elaborate system for noise cancellation for peace of mind when you are driving. In the same light, the brakes should have less dust build-up. 

Many buyers tend to forget that the brakes take a lot of heat and pressure during operation. As such, you need a setup that is heat resistant, preferably with an effective cooling system. The gadget’s durability is also crucial because you can avoid excessive spending on new sets after they wear out. Lastly, many buyers go for brakes that are easy to install if they don’t want to ask for expert help. 

Wrap Up

I have recommended and installed hundreds of braking systems for my clients, including BMW owners. Thankfully, I know the best products in the market according to the user’s needs. All the brake pads in my round-up are of high quality with the best technology in their construction. 

Therefore, no matter how challenging it can be to decide the winner, you will not go wrong with Bosch, Power Sport, TRW, Power Stop, or SCITOO. The key is to do thorough research to find out the perfect fit for your car model. Also, ensure that it is durable, less noisy and dusty, easy to install, and offers value for your money.