About the Team

We are a 24 Hours of LeMons team located in NJ, NY and Eastern PA. We have a couple of great vehicles, and try to have fun while building and racing our crap cans.

While we all like to get awards there are two that we don’t want. They are the “We Got Screwed”, and the “Heroic Fix” awards. Our philosophy is to keep the car on track for as much of the weekend as possible. With that in mind we build our cars for reliability first and power second. We would like our cars to handle as well as possible and the suspension modifications are inexpensive, but we try to get a great bang for our bucks. When the race day is done, we like to hang out with the great people that are at the track. Spending the night wrenching on severely broken cars is counter to this part as well. So reliability is paramount in our builds.

We do most of our work in driveways and garages of the team members. None of us are in an automotive related business, unless you count the insurance industry as automotive. We have a good amount of shade tree mechanical ability in the team, but not all of us are that skilled, but we all have our skills that we put to good use.